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Quick Decisions Land Big Deals

Quick Decisions Land Big Deals 0

🕔14:47, 20.Jun 2018

A first-time customer came looking for a ring. Her budget was Rs 50,000. She looked at all the stuff that was on display but didn’t like any. She was getting restless. Our salespeople were trying to suggest other alternatives but

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All’s Well That Ends Well

All’s Well That Ends Well 0

🕔14:38, 20.Jun 2018

A customer who had bought jewellery from us wanted to return it as she felt the value was less than what we had quoted. She couldn’t find the receipt and was adamant that she had been cheated. We couldn’t do

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‘Going Back in Time’

‘Going Back in Time’ 0

🕔14:31, 20.Jun 2018

A client had seen a design of a sartej at a jewellery show in Hong Kong. He wanted a similar one made here. He was shopping for his wedding and wanted something different. The brief given to us was a

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‘Love for Guru Carved in Gold’

‘Love for Guru Carved in Gold’ 0 Updated

🕔14:26, 20.Jun 2018

One of our regular clients came to us with a silver bangle which had the name of his Guru (mentor) carved into it. He wanted a similar design in 22k gold. The name had to feature three times in the

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‘Solitaires and Touch of Romance’

‘Solitaires and Touch of Romance’ 0

🕔14:21, 20.Jun 2018

A young man visited us two days before Valentine’s Day. He wanted to buy a surprise gift for his wife but he had a limited budget. He wanted to buy a diamond ring but was not sure about the size.

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It’s the Experience that Matters

It’s the Experience that Matters 0 Updated

🕔09:50, 5.Mar 2018

By – S A Sarfaraz – Managing Partner, LKS Gold House, Chennai When in the jewellery business, a lasting experience is what matters ultimately. What memories the customer takes back, and whether she returns determines a good sales experience. And

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Ask Retail Jeweller : Charges & choices

Ask Retail Jeweller : Charges & choices 0 Updated

🕔13:57, 19.Feb 2018

Urmil Kumar Soni, Owner K N Diamond, Bilimora, Gujarat Major Indian jewellery retail brands tend to give hefty discounts on diamond jewellery. To compete with them, we have started waiving the making charges. For small jewellers like us, however, it

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Old Paves the Way for New

Old Paves the Way for New 0 Updated

🕔12:37, 12.Dec 2017

Ritika Bhasin Gupta, Owner, Ritika Bhasin, New Delhi I started out a year ago after establishing myself in the fashion business. So, I had a regular customer base to start with which I could get a foothold in the jewellery

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Change in designs works as a magnet

Change in designs works as a magnet 0 Updated

🕔12:35, 12.Dec 2017

Sourabh Maheshwari, Creative Partner, Vishal Jewels, New Delhi Over the years we have realised that unless we change with the times, we will not be able to hold on to our clients or get new ones. So, over a year

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Convince, Cajole and Conquer

Convince, Cajole and Conquer 0

🕔12:13, 12.Dec 2017

Geetika Chauhan, Store Manager Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers Indore It is a prerequisite in the jewellery trade to successfully meet customer satisfaction. But it’s not an easy task, especially given the tight competition that thrives in the market. Most customers

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