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Memorable Customers

4 Ways to Create Unique Customer Experiences



Many times the retailers have to think out of the box ideas and solutions to make the memorable shopping experience for their customers. In this post, The Retail Jeweller talks about four such memorable customer experiences shared by the jewellers.

–Manoj Chakraborty


Customer turned brand ambassador

We had started keeping hallmarked jewellery in our store in 2000. One day, a man walked in for normal purchase and we showed him all our existing collections in hallmarked gold jewellery. He told us that he has a good knowledge on hallmarking and offered to help us in our awareness campaigns on hallmark. He used to send his friends and relatives to buy hallmarked jewellery from us and in a way, became our brand ambassador. He used to share his expertise on hallmarking at our seminars that helped us become a force to reckon within the market. He is still in touch with us.

Prabhat Chaturvedi, Owner, Chaturvedi Gems and Jewellers, Jabalpur

Prabhat Chaturvedi Owner, Chaturvedi Gems and Jewellers, Jabalpur

Giving a fair deal to a customer

An elderly couple wanted to exchange their old jewellery. They weren’t getting a good price anywhere so when they came to us, they were a little apprehensive. We checked their jewellery and quoted our price. They didn’t seem too happy so we offered to melt the jewellery, weigh the gold and give them the price accordingly. They agreed hesitantly. When we weighed and quoted our price, a look of relief came over their face. The price, they felt, was justified and better than what others had quoted. This helped us to win over a customer as well as help them get a fair deal.

Mukesh Ganna, Owner, Mukesh Jewellers, Bengaluru


Mukesh Ganna, Owner, Mukesh Jewellers, Bengaluru


Customer became like a family member

One of our oldest customers, this is about one such customer who had been buying jewellery from none other than us for almost 20 years. I have seen him buy jewellery from us while I was a child. Back then, we had a limited collection, but he remained loyal to us. The relationship with the customer grew stronger with time. The couple is now living alone as their only daughter got married and shifted to The United States. But we stayed by their side and now help them with odd errands such as plumbing, fixing electronic appliances and related chores, as they are more of a family member.

Suresh Pareriya, Owner, Heera Jewellers, Bengaluru

Suresh Pareriya, Owner, Heera Jewellers, Bengaluru


Building relations over a sale

One day, I and my younger brother opened our showroom at 11.30 in the morning and were surprised to see about three customers waiting for us. So, we started attending them when suddenly an old customer came with her newly born granddaughter to buy spoon, glass and bowl for her. Pleased to see such equal treatment for the girl child in our society, I showed them my items and gifted a pair of anklets for the child. We were relieved to see that the customers, whom we overlooked while attending the needs of a child, didn’t complain at all and were going through our collections happily.

Gaurav Khanna, MimaMal HarbansLal Jewellers, Patiala

Gaurav Khanna, MimaMal HarbansLal Jewellers, Patiala

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