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In house promotion is the best promotion: Kamal Singhania



Kamal Singhania, Director, Abhushan (India) Pvt Ltd, Jamshedpur

A first-time customer with a budget of Rs 1-2 lakhs visited the shop to buy gold jewellery. As per his requirement, we showed him few jewellery sets in 30-40 gram range from which he selected one set.  While the billing process was going on, we requested him to go to the next floor which was recently opened for diamonds to see our collections as we recently entered the diamond business and not many people were aware of it. So, whenever a customer comes to our store to buy gold jewellery we used to ask them to pay a visit to the diamond jewellery section as well. We were not hoping that he will buy anything from there. But when the customer went to the diamond floor, he looked so impressed with our jewellery collection that he made a purchase of Rs 8-9 lakhs which gave a big boost to our confidence.

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