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Nilesh Shah, Owner, Shah Jethalal Jadavji Jewellers, Raipur

This time on Dhanteras, I had an interesting experience. An elderly gentleman, in his 60s, walked into our showroom. He had come to purchase a gold coin, a tradition that he had been following for years. However, he had made a slight change in this tradition this year. Instead of buying from the family jeweller like always, he had decided to buy it from another jeweller. He had done some research regarding the known jewellers in town and zeroed in on us. Even though we were located at a great distance from his house, he decided to come here. And he chose to walk the entire distance which was around 3-4 kms. We were amazed at his zeal and enthusiasm. He admired our collection, chatted with the staff, sat for a good while and then left with a promise to return next year. I was touched.

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