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When Size Mattered the Most

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Abhay Kumar, owner, Gaurav Kothari Gems & Jewels, Nagpur

A client wanted a gold jhumka made in 7 gms. We did as requested. However, the client refused to take it. He had wanted us to make a jhumka which would be 10 gms in weight but cost only 7gms. This wasn’t possible to do without mixing gold with another metal. He refused to understand and stood his ground. We on our part were finding it tough to make him see reason. Eventually, I decided that we would make another jhumka which would look like it was 10 gm but it would be lighter. When we presented him with this jhumka, he was very happy. Basically, he had wanted the jhumka to look big, the weight didn’t really matter to him. Also, it didn’t matter if gold had been mixed with some other metal. We had made it very clear to him that if the jhumka broke, we wouldn’t be held responsible. The customer agreed as he was happy that he had got what he wanted. For me, however, it was a loss as I didn’t charge him for the extra labour.

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