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A Unique Sale

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Various jewellers share tidbits about big sales that they made during and after the lockdown

Risk of entrusting unsold jewellery to customer paid off

A few years ago in Diwali, a new customer came looking for silver jewellery for his family. He shortlisted jewellery of around 2-2.5 kg, but was not carrying the required money to purchase. He requested me to keep the jewellery aside and informed me that he will come after some time with money to purchase. From years of experience, I could tell that he was a gentleman and thus decided to take a risk. I insisted that he should take the jewellery with him and convinced him at that. To this date, he is one of my biggest customers.

Vardhman Kothari

Proprietor, Vardhman Jewellers, Mumbai

Sold jewellery to demanding customer on our own terms

Recently a new customer visited the store to buy wedding jewellery for his son’s marriage. He came with a big budget, was looking to buy jewellery of around 300 grams, and demanded a healthy discount, which the staff denied. However, the customer was adamant, saying he will only buy from us with discount. After a while, he realized that the jewellery he chose are unique and have high charges. He purchased without further argument.

Sachin Agarwal

Owner, SK Jewellers, Mathura

Customer at fault, takes back complaint after jewellery inspection

One day, an old client came complaining that we sold fake gold bangles to her. She was wearing gold bangles with the colour whitened at many spots. She asked for an immediate refund to which we obliged. The staff took the bangle from her and upon inspection, found that the bangle had traces of mercury on it, for which the colour turned white. I called the lady’s husband and explained everything to him. After 15 days, the lady returned to apologize for her behaviour. We repaired the piece and gave it to her.

Rohit Jain

Owner, Sarup Chand and Sons, Meerut

Made the customer happy with special customized jewellery

A few months ago, an old customer came to the store with his family to buy jewellery for his son’s engagement and wedding. They were browsing designs for engagement rings, solitaire jewellery and all. They purchased a few items and showed his soon-to-be daughter-in-law’s photo, informing that they were planning to visit Mumbai and Pune to buy necklaces for the bride-to-be. They also showed us references to jewellery images which the lady had liked. At that time, I told them that we can design exclusive customized jewellery for their daughter-in-law, to which they agreed.

Mehul Oswal

MD, Mahendra Jewellers, Kolhapur

Customer forgets jewellery at store, overjoyed to get it back after years

We have an NRI customer, who regularly visits us whenever she is in the country. During one of her visits, she gave us a diamond bracelet to repair. She eventually forgot to collect it. We had kept it aside in a safe place, so that it does not get mixed up with other jewellery pieces. After a couple of years, she returned to buy jewellery and we reminded of what she left at our store. She was overjoyed and told the staff that she thought that she had lost it and had kept it a secret from her family for all these years.

Sanjay Kalsi

Founder and MD, JD Solitaire, New Delhi

When a customer feels at home inside our showroom

Some time ago, a first-time customer came to buy wedding jewellery after getting reference form a relative who had visited us during one of our exhibitions. Although there were limited entries in the exhibition, we made sure that the customer gets an entry. After that, the customer had also visited all our three stores and looked very impressed with our collections. During his in-store interaction when he purchased wedding jewellery, he informed the staff that our showrooms make him feel like his home. We have never received such a compliment. He is now a regular customer with us.

Priyesh Nagar

Partner, Jewellers Madanlal Chhaganlal, Indore

Finalised jewellery on a video call with bride-to-be

Few days ago, a couple had come to the showroom to buy wedding jewellery for their daughter, who was in Mumbai. When I asked them whether she would like their choice of jewellery, they said that they will first select the jewellery and share those images with her for her final approval. I requested them to take her daughter on a video call. They agreed, I arranged our latest wedding jewellery pieces, and asked one a staff to assist. I then called her up. Both of us showed her each piece at a time. She finalised three jewellery sets.

Piyusha Nyati

Owner, Ornate Jewels, Kota

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