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‘Vintage love demands the best”



Shefali Sawhney, Owner, Sawhney Diamond Passion Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi

There is nothing more romantic than an old couple in love. Once, a beautiful elderly couple visited the store. We were particularly struck by the good-looking couple as it is rare to find two old people retain their looks and charm. They came to purchase a solitaire ring; the elderly gentleman wanted to gift his wife the ring on their 50th wedding anniversary. He wanted to add sparkle to their special day with a solitaire. Together they went through a lot of solitaire rings with different diamond shapes – round cut, princess cut, emerald cut among others. He was very sure that he wanted to gift her the best. After going through our collection thoroughly, he selected an elegant solitaire ring. And the smile that flashed on his face thereafter touched us all. It was such a pleasure to see the so-much-in-love couple – a rarity nowadays.

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