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‘Labour’s love not lost’

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Prabhat Agrawal, PK & PK Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., Mathura

Recently, a regular customer visited us. He wanted 23 carat jewellery. We told him about the hallmark jewellery which is certified and has 100 per cent buy back. He purchased the jewellery that he wanted and the transaction was done. Next day, he came along with three-four men and started shouting, screaming and blaming us that we cheated him and taken extra money from him. As per his calculations, we had charged him Rs 350/-gm extra. He was extremely angry. It was an unpleasant incident for us. Somehow we managed to quieten him down and explained the whole process of hallmark jewellery. We explained that the labour charges which he paid extra will be deducted at the time of buyback. If in future he has to exchange the jewellery there will be 100 per cent buyback after excluding the labour charges but the same is not applicable on non-certified jewellery. He had misunderstood the part on labour charges. Once he realised that we had not cheated him, he was profusely apologetic.

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