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Mohit Dunga, Owner, Royal Gems & Jewellery Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

He has been a regular with us for as long as I can remember. What makes him stand out is the simple fact that he chooses to travel 200-300 km to buy our jewellery. He is not from the city but comes from outside Delhi. He can buy from his own town but he prefers to come to us. He says that he feels satisfied with the purchase at our showroom. For him it’s not just a buying exercise; it’s an experience from which he always has something to take back. Whenever I ask him, he says, “The knowledge about jewellery that is shared by you cannot be found anywhere else.” Also, the minutest details that we provide makes him feel special. The range and quality of the jewellery that he finds here is another major attraction. So, for this he doesn’t find it a bother to travel this far to buy jewellery from us.

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