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Indian Designs creating waves during Republic Day Parade in Sydney



Sumit, Chetmani Ornaments Pvt Ltd, Varanasi

We have five stores in Varansai and we deal mostly in gold and diamond jewellery. However our specialty is Banarasi Kundan Enamel jewellery studded with polki. One of our NRI customer had picked up a Pink Enamel Kundan Kadha during one of her visits to Varanasi. Pink enameling is unique to Benaras. After a couple of months she send me a message through wattsapp saying that she had worn the Karda during the Republic Day Parade in Sydney and everyone had loved it. Her friends were really impressed by the design and the distinctive pink colour which added to the charm of the karda. It felt great to be appreciated for our craftsmanship in foreign shores too.

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