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Delivering great customer service amidst a global pandemic



Delivering great customer service amidst a global pandemic

Leading jewellers share tidbits about big sales that they made during and after the lockdown

Recommendation worked like a magic

Recently, one of my old clients, who had shifted to Delhi last year, called me to inform that his daughter was getting married and they are looking for engagement jewellery pieces. We did a video call with the customer where they shortlisted 4 jadau necklaces. However, there was an issue as the customer wanted to try out the jewellery pieces before buying them and due to Covid restrictions, they were reluctant to travel. I had sent two of my staff to Delhi with the shortlisted jewellery. Although the gentlemen bought only one piece of jewellery, he recommended my name to his daughter’s would-be father-in-law in Mumbai. So after the engagement, both the families came down to my store and bought wedding jewellery worth Rs 1.5 crore.

Parag Chheda, MD, Chheda Jewellers, Mumbai

Created a special solitaire pendant for a celebrity


Last month, a celebrity singer named B Praak had visited the store along with lyricist Jaani of ‘Filhaal-2’ fame. During their visit, we suggested Jaani ji have a solitaire pendant with a diamond chain which will have her name engraved on it. Jaani ji iked the idea and we made an exclusive pendant using almost 40 grams of gold. Jaani ji also posted the pendant’s images on social media platforms, which made the product as well as our brand more famous. After seeing the pendant, B Praak also ordered an exclusive diamond cocktail ring and bracelet for him.

Mahender Khurana, Partner, Sunder Jewellers, Chandigarh

Won customer’s heart with a great finish and on-time delivery

A lady customer wanted to gift cufflinks to her husband on his 50th birthday. She didn’t find enough options with other brands and came to Nikita Jewellers for the first time, hoping to get some more options but we didn’t have much to show. The staff swiftly showed her designs from diamond earrings which can be used as cufflinks, promising her an unmatched production time of the design selected. Initially in dilemma, the customer made a choice. We not only kept the delivery date as promised but also made the product more beautiful than she had imagined. She was so happy with the finishing and timely delivery that she ordered the other design too.

Vikas Bagrecha, Owner, Nikita Jewellers, Navi Mumbai

Went out of the way to serve a customer during Covid

After the first Covid wave, one of my HNI clients contacted me from his village, which was almost 50 kilometres from my city, to inform me that he needed to buy jewellery for his son’s wedding. As travelling was still restricted, we conducted a virtual session to showcase our jewellery. The client liked many designs and requested me if I could travel to their place to show jewellery in person. Although it was a risky move due to Covid, we agreed to it and booked a nearby hotel from the customer’s house where we displayed all the jewellery pieces shortlisted by the customer.  The buying went really well through this special client.

Chirag Radhanpura, Owner, KD Jewels, Vadodara

Created a unique diamond bracelet for a special customer

One of my customers from Assam was looking to buy a unique diamond bracelet to gift her husband. The couple travelled a lot but had failed to spot a desirable jewellery piece on that note. At the customer’s request, I had sent a few of my designs and luckily they like one of them. The couples’ son, who was also in touch with us, was very particular about the designs and the kinds of diamonds to be used in the bracelet. After the product was made, the customer flew all the way from his hometown just to buy the bracelet which he was to wear at a New Year’s party. Although the store was closed on that day, I was compelled to open it. It gave me immense satisfaction to see a smile on his face.

Seemant Nahata, Owner, Shagun Jewellery Boutique, Kolkata

Kept our promise made to the doctors

Last month, a new customer came down to the store to buy bridal gold jewellery. After the final selection, the product went to the billing counter and the staff found the customer to be a reputed doctor from one of the city hospitals. As per the current offer, the customer was entitled to a 15% discount on the total amount. However, we decided to extend the discount to 40% as part of our Doctor’s Day pledge. When we told the customer about the discount, he got overwhelmed. This also paid dividends to us as 2-3 other doctors recently came to the store in a span of two weeks to buy jewellery. So, we got many new customers due to this decision.

Mohit Prasad, MD, Prasad Jewellers, Rourkela

Written by Manoj Chakraborty

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