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Ashish Jain, Partner, Nanak Jewellers, Patiala

A client came to our showroom looking for colour kundan jewellery set. She had visited many other showrooms but hadn’t found one. So, she was hoping that she would find one here. Unfortunately, we had only white kundan jewellery. We asked her to look at that collection but she was adamant. Now, I didn’t want to lose out on a new client, so I immediately photoshopped the existing design and added colour kundan to it. I made 2-3 different designs and showed it to her. She was still not satisfied and wanted something different. So, after a good amount of time she liked one of the designs and ordered it for a wedding. Even after placing the order, she was not too certain if the price we quoted was right or not. She wanted to haggle a bit but I tried to convince her that the bridal set would be worth every penny. She agreed though reluctantly. After 15-20 days when she collected the jewellery she was impressed. She thanked me and promised to be back soon. Presence of mind had managed to win a client.

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