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Fountain Media and Communications Group
4b-45, 4th Floor, Phoenix Paragon Plaza, LBS Marg,
Kurla West, Mumbai 400070
Tel : +91-22-41731199
Mob : +91-22-41731199
Samit Bhatta : Associate Publisher
Email :
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Editor: Soma Bhatta : 9987811330



  1. Lora Stonden

    February 27, 2021 at 3:26 PM

    I’m looking for website owners with blogs who are willing to partner with us,
    We’d like to offer payments in exchange for articles published on We can either send you well-written content that’s ready to post, or you can write it yourself.
    Of course, an even simpler solution would be to simply place a link inside one of your older articles, for a fee, of course.
    We already work with thousands of other sites, both businesses and individual blog owners.
    Would you be interested?r

    Lora Stonden
    Blogger Outreach Specialist

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