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Dinesh Kalwani, Manager, CMR Jewellers, Hyderabad

A few years ago a client bought a lot of jewellery. It was worth a few lakhs. Unfortunately, there was a huge mistake in calculation – a difference of Rs 8,000. When we realised this, which was after the jewellery had been sold and payment made, we called up the client. He was a little taken back but didn’t mind. He returned to the showroom and we adjusted the difference. He was impressed with our honesty and thanked us profusely. Any other customer might have created a scene or never returned to our showroom. But he became our regular customer who keeps dropping in either to shop or just say hello. Whenever he is crossing our showroom, he drops in, even if it is for a few minutes, and has coffee with me. He has also introduced many of his family and friends to us. He is a family friend of the showroom now.

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