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Hitesh Kumar, co-owner, Rajmandhir Jewellers, Chennai

He had been to our showroom a couple of times but then stopped coming. Recently, he was back and he returned with a demand – he wanted a diamond necklace for his wife. He was getting married and wanted to gift his wife this necklace. He knew my father but was not familiar with me. So, when I offered to show him designs, he was not too comfortable. Perhaps he was not confident that I would be able to execute his idea. However, we talked for some time during which I tried to understand what he wanted exactly. I spent 3-4 hours with him working on the design. In the end, he was convinced about my sincerity. I was given only 10 days to make the necklace which I did and delivered it an hour before the wedding. The customer was very impressed. Now I am his family jeweller.

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