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Rajesh Soni, Owner, Shree Kareshwari Jewellers, Bharuch

A client wanted to gift his grandmother a ring on her birthday. Now this ring had to be an exact replica of an old ring which had broken. The client had come with a photo of the ring. It was an old design and nobody made it any longer. The customer was adamant that he wanted the same old design which was a simple gold one in star shape. The client had searched all of Bharuch for someone to implement this design but in vain. Finally, he came to us with a lot of hope. I didn’t have the heart to refuse him. Also, it was a sentimental issue as the ring had been given by the grandmother’s father-in-law to her and was precious to her. So, I checked with my father who assured me that we could manage to replicate the design. Then we checked with one of our old kaarigars who fortunately knew how to make it. The major challenge was to complete the ring in four hours and deliver it the same day. The next day was the birthday. It was meant as a surprise and had to be delivered. We got our act together fast and succeeded in making the ring and delivering it to the client. He was overjoyed and couldn’t stop thanking us.

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