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Memorable Customers

To be trusted by a customer is a greater compliment



A consistent and unique customer experience is what really makes a business stand out. It is often the little details that customers recall even more than the product they purchased or the service they received. The Retail Jeweller brings to you 4 exciting stories shared by the retailers about their most memorable customers.

–Manoj Chakraborty

The blind follower

Few years ago a senior lady visited my shop with 24 gold bangles. She asked me to redesign all the bangles and give it to her within a week. While she was leaving the store I insisted her to take the bill, but she refused. She told me that she had complete faith in us and -doesn’t want any bill. After one week she came back to collect the bangles, unfortunately we could not finish the work on time and asked her for some more time. I once again asked her to collect the bill, but she declined like last time. Finally, when the product was ready she was elated with the work. She paid the full amount and incidentally has-now become a regular customer.

Shammi Sapra, Owner, Mahalaxmi Jewellers, Meerut

  Shammi Sapra, Owner, Mahalaxmi Jewellers, Meerut


When customers show appreciation through trust

A couple of years back I had an elderly woman visit my showroom. She was there to buy a diamond ring. I instructed one of my in-house staff to take her -upstairs and show her some designs. In a while, the lady came down, informed me that she was not too happy about the designs she saw. Taking stock of the situation, I immediately requested her to give me a chance, so that I could show her some more designs. I went upstairs with her, took all the designs with me. While I was showing her the designs, she expressed her concern and told me that she wanted to buy the diamond ring as an anniversary gift for one of her friend -. Finally, she chose one of the rings but was a little reluctant about it. Seeing her reluctance, I assured her and told her that if her friend doesn’t like the ring, she can return it and I will refund her the full amount.  Convinced, she – offered to pay by cheque. Generally, I don’t accept cheque payment, but I made an exception for her. Two days later she visited my shop again and this time she informed me that not only her friend but her family also loved the ring.

Chandrakanta Roy Chowdhury, Partner, MP Jewellers, Kolkata

Chandrakanta Roy Chowdhury, Partner, MP Jewellers, Kolkata


The foreign customer

Last year during Durga Puja a foreigner came -to my shop. I never thought she would buy anything from my store, as 95% of our collections are traditional Bengali jewellery in plain gold. French people are known to wear stones and studded jewellery. But to my amazement, – she informed me that she wants to buy traditional Bengali jewellery. After going through the collections on offer, she finally bought naksha balla and nakshi kan balla from us.

Rohan Patel, Partner, Evershine Jewel House, Kolkata

 Rohan Patel, Partner, Evershine Jewel House, Kolkata

The supportive customer

Once a senior couple walked into my store to purchase a gold mangalsutra. As we started showing them some of the available designs, the couple finalised a mangalsutra priced Rs.1,50,000. However, there was a power cut, when we were making the final bill. Unfortunately, there was no backup and we informed the customer that we will not be able to provide an electronic receipt to them, owing to the electricity failure -. That’s when; to my surprise, the customer wrote a cheque, filled the entire amount to complete the mangalsutra purchase. Until date, I am unable to understand how the couple had so much faith in us, despite the fact that one of them was a senior advocate.

Vishal Sonigara, Owner, Vishal Jewellers, Mumbai






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