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Rose Gold Memories



Krunal Soni, Managing Director, Ashok Jewellers, Ahmedabad

A young girl in her early twenties came to us to get a ring made. She had seen a design online and wanted a similar kind made. The only difference was that she wanted it to be made in rose gold, which is fairly new in the market. We had till then not made any jewellery in this metal and were a little hesitant. But then we decided to go ahead. The kaarigars had to be briefed properly and do some research before they started. They had to be confident about handling this metal. We had promised the girl 10 days but we overshot it by five days more. We had sent it to Mumbai to be manufactured and that delayed the process a bit. However, the ring came out exactly as she had wanted – it was like a small bracelet with a solitaire. The girl loved the ring and ever since has become our regular customer.

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