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‘Eye for detail wins the heart’

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Mayank Agrawal, Owner, Kanhaiya Swarn Kala Kendra, Varanasi

For the last many years, one NRI customer visits us every year without fail. Dr Hari Shanker Sharma, who lives in Sweden, always calls before he leaves for India. He tells us his requirements, the type of jewellery he wants to buy, and asks for the cost. He doesn’t buy anything without doing his homework – he calculates each and every little detail. And much before he visits us at the store, he sends us the demand draft of an approximate value. Once he visits us, he checks the final pieces meticulously and finally, selects them at ease. He spends a lot of time at the store looking at the pieces and chatting with us. Once he even posted a video on YouTube of one of his visits to our store. All of us at the store look forward to his visit. Nowadays, when people are suspicious and doubtful, he trusts us completely and we salute his trust in us. We truly value his gesture.

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