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Delivering great customer service amidst a global pandemic



Delivering great customer service amidst a global pandemic

Leading jewellers share tidbits about big sales that they made during and after the lockdown

Good publicity of jewellery

Couple of months ago, a new customer from a local saree store visited our showroom. The customer was going to organize few fashion shows and thus required some diamond jewellery and polki pieces in between Rs 1-2 lakhs range, which will be worn by the models. However, after going through the collections, he changed his mind and bought jewellery of around Rs 18 lakhs. As planned, the customer organized the fashion shows wherein the models wore our jewellery, which also received appreciation.

Pavan Mor, Owner, Pavan Mor Jewellers, Hyderabad

A lifetime experience


Last week, a family of 8 members came to the store to buy wedding jewellery. After going through the collections, they shortlisted two sets of around Rs 60 lakhs each. However, the family members couldn’t finalize the set they want to buy. They even called their other relatives over a video call for suggestion, but the stalemate continued. So, after spending an hour or so, the family members finally decided to toss a coin and decide. My father was also present at the store at that time and in his 40 years of business, he has never seen such a thing before. Lacking a coin for the toss, the family took a ginni from one of our staff members and finally, the purchase was made as per the result of the toss.

Nandita Agarwal , Director, Sales and Marketing, Sona Chandi Jewellers, Kanpur

Sold jewellery without even trying to sell

Sometime back, one of my regular customers paid a visit to the store to check new collections and was in no mood to buy anything on that day. I had recently returned from a vacation and was sharing my experiences. So, while the conversation was going on, the customer suddenly pointed his finger on a diamond ring and a pair of earrings on display, asking me to show them to him. The customer liked it instantly and bought them surprisingly.

Gaurish Aggarwal, Owner, Gaurish Gems, Kotkapura

A generous act for a new customer

After the stores reopened, we received a call from an unknown customer informing me that he was a tourist visiting Agra with his fiancée. He wanted to propose her with a ring. However, it was a Sunday and all jewellery stores, including ours, were closed. But the customer requested to open the store briefly as he was leaving the city next morning. I agreed, sent few team members to the store, and arranged a cake, some flowers and music to make it special for the couple. The person was surprised to see the arrangements and thanked us for everything.

Anand Prakash, Director, Abhushan Diamonds and Gold, Agra

It was worth taking the risk

One day, a new customer came to the store to buy a 1.5 carat princess cut diamond ring. The customer was a regular at a nearby jewellery store and I knew that he has just come to check our designs, rates and certification. After spending some time, he got convinced by our policies and designs, but was not ready to pay an advance amount as per our policy on diamond jewellery orders. However, I decided to take a risk and finalized his order without any advance. The risk paid off as when the customer saw the final product, he got very impressed and paid the full amount before taking the delivery.

Aman Talla, Owner, Talla Jewellers, Jammu

Served an old customer in a tight deadline

In December 2020, an old customer visited our store to shop for a wedding in their family that was supposed to happen after four days. They spent almost 6-7 hours at the store and selected diamond jewellery of around Rs 40-50 lakhs, but needed alterations on most of them. Initially, we refused as we couldn’t do the alterations on such short notice, but the customer remained adamant and demanded jewellery delivery at the wedding venue. We gave in and sent all the products to our vendor in Mumbai. I had about three staff members deliver jewellery at the venue. The customer was satisfied indeed.

Snehil Rastogi, Director, Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers, Lucknow

A unique sale

I normally wear solitaire earrings but changed the pattern with some fresh diamond jewellery earrings from my vendor. I was doing a Facebook live with my lady customers, when one of them noticed the earring and paid a visit to the store on the same day, requesting me to sell that very earring she saw me wearing. The price of the earring was Rs 2.10 lakhs. Although she was feeling bad to want to buy something which I was already wearing, I was happy that our choice matched.

Piyusha Nyati, Owner, Ornate Jewels, Kota

Courtesy: Retail Jeweller India News

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