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How to Increase your Sales

Winning over Difficult Customers through patience and determination




Do you want to increase your sales? This post will definitely help you by giving a closer look at how different retailers used technology and various customer engagement tools to drive sales in retail stores.

–Manoj Chakraborty


Bridging awareness gap with interaction

During my visit to a wedding of one of the prominent industrialists in my district, I realized that most of the local guests were wearing basic and most traditional jewellery designs, whereas the guests who came from nearby cities and metros, were wearing very high-end and elite jewellery. I felt that there is a gap in the awareness level. Being a jeweller, I saw an opportunity to work on the awareness gap. We at Kamna Jewellers decided to spend an extra fifteen minutes with every customer after the closure of the previous deal to introduce them to high-end exclusive products. This idea worked really well with us and we rapidly converted our sales from low-margin basic, traditional jewellery to high-value designer and high-end jewellery. The effect has been such that now, customers in large numbers from far-off cities and metros visit Kamna Jewellers to buy jewellery.

Shikhar Agarwal, Director, Kamna Jewellers, Bulandshahr

Customisation works its magic

Nowadays everyone wants matching jewellery to her apparel. Gone are the days when a customer will be enamoured by our existing inventory. Keeping in mind the evolving needs of the modern customer, we have emphasised on customisation of jewellery according to the respective customer’s needs. First, we understand the customer’s requirement and then get the design sketched from our designer. The result is a jewellery piece that is straight out of the imagination of the customer. We tend to keep our modifications to the minimum. In this way, we have been able to increase sales at our store. We have succeeded in adding approximately 5 new customers every month.


Anuj Jain, Partner, Jodhamal Kailash Chand Jain Jewellers, Meerut

Upselling helps complete buyers’ look

We tried to increase our sales through upselling. So, whenever a customer visits our store to buy jewellery, we used to persuade them to buy something additional. For example, there is a customer who liked a diamond earring. So we used to tell her that we have a matching bracelet or a matching diamond ring. Even if she does not buy the matching jewellery on that day, the customer stays aware that we sell matching jewellery. After a month, our staff gets in touch with the customer and enquire with them regarding the matching jewellery. Through this initiative, we have successfully converted 80% of the customers.  Earlier, if we used to sale three jewellery pieces to one customer, we are selling almost five jewellery pieces to that customer now.

Piyusha Nyati, Owner, Ornate Jewels

Promotional apps boost retailer’s reach

During Diwali, we had tied up with a company called ‘FirstHandle’, who was tasked with sending promotional messages and alerts to the people regarding our various schemes including our discount schemes. FirstHandle is basically a free app that alerts the user of bargains and sale offers in his neighbourhood. The company on our behalf had sent alerts to almost one lakh people, including our existing customers. Although, we did not get any immediate results out of this, we have been able to increase our reach.  Our plan was that even if we manage to get one extra customer each day, the purpose is served.

Subhash Bhola, Owner, Bholasons Jewellers, New Delhi

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