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Fighting over lost diamond



Rajiv Verma, Owner, Lalsons Jewellers, New Delhi

A customer walked in some months ago with a broken diamond ring. He claimed that he had bought it from us and the diamond had fallen off. He accused us of having sold an inferior quality ring. He wanted us to take the ring back and compensate him. It was a very old case. The ring was definitely from our showroom but it was not a poor quality product. We tried to reason with him but he was adamant about his stand. We told him that as jewellers we were concerned about manufacturing defects and not lost property. He refused to listen to us and left. He returned a few days later and expected us to change our minds. But it didn’t work. He threatened us, created a scene at the showroom but we refused to relent because we knew it was not our fault. Ultimately, he filed a case against us. He thought we would buckle under pressure but we fought back. The case took six months and during this course, we stood firm on our ground. Finally, he lost the case. It felt good to be vindicated.

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