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Gaurish Aggarwal, Managing Director, Gaurish Gems, Kotkapura

Sometimes customers present challenging demands. A lady from Aurangabad was visiting town and stepped into our showroom one fine day. She liked our collection and on the spur of the moment decided she wanted to buy a 1.50 carat solitaire ring. She told us about it in the afternoon and interestingly she was leaving the same day by the evening train. We have barely 8-9 hours to make the ring. Also, she had to take consent from her husband which took some more time. Finally, once the design was finalised and consent taken, we started making the ring. It was already 4 pm. The kaarigar was briefed and told about the urgency of the order. Since the design wasn’t so complicated, it didn’t take all that long. The ring in blue sapphire, solitaire and gold was finally ready by 9 pm, just in time before the lady left. We rushed to her house for the delivery. The lady was overjoyed at seeing the ring. She had been tensed about it but was relieved when she saw the final product.

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