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Chandukaka Saraf & Sons shines on feminine power with regional ad campaign



Chandukaka Saraf & Sons shines on feminine power with regional ad campaign

A good campaign goes great lengths to drive the conversation around the product subtly. Jewellery off late has been showered by great thinktanks across the industry, whose creativity has turned the spotlight towards the adorned than the adornment. Chandukaka Saraf & Sons Pvt Ltd has taken a grand step on that direction with their latest take on women empowerment.

Named Sonyasarkhi Shuddh Tu Daginyashi Maitri Kar, this is a video campaign directed at the regional Maharashtrian customer cohort. The positioning in the video has been clear, with strong focus on girl power in accepting her femininity and defending her honour. It’s a surprisingly profound campaign that manages to showcase how women should never falter before evil entities in the society. Tying the invaluable integrity of womanhood with jewellery as a symbol of strength is a crowning stroke, and the brand has played it masterfully so.

Launched on the occasion of Dussehra 2022, the campaign was launched across all media vehicles from traditional TV channels to modern digital platforms to catch the desired target audience. “The core concept of this ad is a representation of the delicate role that jewellery plays in the life of today’s women. The ad encourages women to embrace their femininity and enhance it by wearing jewelry that gives them pure happiness,” said Kishorkumar Shah, director, Chandukaka Saraf & Sons Pvt Ltd.

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