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K.K. Jewels hosts spiritual writing workshop, launches Parampara heritage polki collection



K.K. Jewels hosts spiritual writing workshop, gifts LGD nose-pins to seven participants

The brand also requested its closed group of 145 clients attending to wear jewellery with related themes and traditional outfits 

Ahmedabad: Evolving from simple customer engagement strategies, K.K. Jewels has strived for a spiritually stimulating experience with the Ram Ram Writing Workshop. The initiative was led by a long-time client of the brand, Seema Modani, who first held a three-day training session for 20 brand staff members.

The writing, which comprised of an outline of the word ‘Ram’ in Devanagari script on canvas or paper, had to be decorated by the participants with the help of their own creativity.

“We always organise similar activities to engage our customers and connect with them. Previously, we had a pet party and invited clients along with their pets. This time, we wanted a private and exclusive event with something that would spiritually engage our long-time and loyal customers. This writing workshop appealed to our clients,” said Kailash S. Kabra, Founder & Managing Director, K.K. Jewels, Ahmedabad.

To ensure this exclusivity, there was no promotion of the event on social media or offline. Instead, the jewellery brand personally reached out to its long-time clients from across Ahmedabad whose families had been customers for generations. About 250 clients were invited and the total turnout at the event was 145 clients, enabling the brand to keep the workshop private.


To maintain the spiritual appeal of the programme, the brand also requested the clients attending to wear jewellery with related themes and traditional outfits. At the event, seven of the best-dressed customers were rewarded with 1 carat lab-grown diamond nose-pins crafted in 18kt gold.

Also, noting that many of the invited clients could not make it to the workshop, K.K. Jewels also hosted a live Instagram and YouTube stream for them to view and enjoy the workshop virtually. “We also felicitated the elderly mothers and mother-in-laws of many clients who had attended the workshop,” said Kabra, adding that the artwork was framed by the brand so that the clients could take their craftwork home as a memento.

To ensure more customisation, each table comprised one volunteer from the brand’s staff, who were instructed by Seema Modani earlier. They helped the clients during the writing activity so that everyone could complete their allotted craft. “We also launched our Parampara heritage polki temple jewellery at the workshop after the main event was complete, since we did not want to have a fashion show to reveal the collection,” explained Kabra, highlighting the traditional nature of the seminar.

Prior to the event, the brand also had a preview of 21 jewellery pieces from the newly launched collection which were all bought by the customers. The event concluded with a Ram Bhajan ceremony where the clients could sing a bhajan of their choice on stage. 

Written by Aparna Bhowmick 

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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