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International Mother’s Day: Industry marks the importance of the occasion, releases varied campaigns to stoke emotions of children to gift mothers




The occasion is gaining prominence in the marketing calendar of jewellers as the industry starts to benefit from the growing tradition of expressing love and appreciation through jewellery

Mumbai: Retail jewellers across India are increasingly capitalizing on International Mother’s Day as a significant sales opportunity. Brands closely observe market trends to enhance sales and effectively market their products through innovative campaigns and advertisements.

On the occasion, several jewellers launched digital campaigns commending mothers’ inner strength and the thoughtfulness of children expressing their love and gratitude.

This year, jewellers from South India, such as Vaibhav Gems N Jewellers, launched multiple videos depicting children—young women and men surprising their mothers with jewellery gifts from the brand’s collections. In one interesting video, the brand also shows the woman founder being gifted jewellery by her children. The videos highlight various sought-after designs and categories, emphasizing the brand’s appeal for the occasion.  


According to many jewellers, current trends indicate a rising popularity of coloured stones such as tourmalines, kunzites, and tanzanites. Lightweight jewellery pieces, including rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings, are favoured as Mother’s Day gifts. These categories not only cater to the aesthetic preferences of modern consumers but also offer practicality and versatility, making them ideal for everyday wear. The emphasis on coloured stones and lightweight designs reflects a broader shift in consumer preferences towards unique, personalized jewellery that stands out.

Similarly, Josco Jewellers unveiled an ad campaign portraying a heartfelt shopping experience. A mother takes her daughter to the store, and while browsing, the daughter selects an intricate neckpiece as a Mother’s Day gift, keeping her mother’s preferences in mind.

This campaign resonates with viewers by highlighting the sentimental value of jewellery and the special bond between mothers and daughters. Josco Jewellers’ approach combines emotional storytelling with product showcasing, effectively appealing to consumers’ emotions and driving engagement.

P.C. Chandra Jewellers from Kolkata also created a unique campaign for Mother’s Day, honouring single mothers who juggle multiple responsibilities at home and work while making crucial decisions for their children. Another impactful campaign by the brand features acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal, who narrates her journey from being a victim to becoming an empowered mother, providing an inspiring voiceover to the ad. These campaigns highlight the resilience and strength of mothers, aligning the brand with themes of empowerment and support. The brand aimed to connect deeply with its audience by focusing on inspiring real-life stories.

Shyam Sundar Co. Jewellers celebrated Mother’s Day by visiting senior homes and spending time with elderly women. The brand’s Mother’s Day celebration, ‘Sricharaneshu Ma’, is a tribute to motherhood and is an initiative that goes beyond the traditional touching of the feet to show respect to all mothers. “We believe that we cannot repay what mothers have given to us, but we can acknowledge it and accept their blessings,” said Rupak Saha, Director of Shyam Sundar Co. Jewellers. This year, the initiative was presented at two homes – Alor Disha in Kolkata and Sandhyaneer in Agartala.

Muted sales due to combined marketing and fluctuating gold rates

Jewellers reported that the occurrence of Akshaya Tritiya two days before Mother’s Day contributed to reasonably muted sales for the latter.

However, Prince Jewellery reported a 15-20% increase in sales over the last year across all product categories for Mother’s Day. “The crowd in Chennai is mainly young professionals, and so diamond jewellery from the brand’s Tia collection performed well during this occasion,” said Princeson Jose, Managing Director, Prince Jewellery, Chennai.

Ranka Jewellers promoted a series of mother-daughter duos visiting the store, where the daughter (and a micro-influencer) indulges the mother with jewellery. The company observed that platinum and diamond jewellery sales took over gold jewellery sales due to the increased prices.

“The combined growth of Akshaya Tritiya and Mother’s Day showed a 15-20% increase in sales over the last year. The footfall was also good, and our focus was more on diamond jewellery, which was more price-point-related,” said Tejpal Ranka, Partner, Chosen by Tejpal Ranka.

“Since India has accepted Mother’s Day as part of the culture, it has become a good marketing point. And so, we tried pointer bracelets where the solitaire size was slightly larger than usual. Moreover, mothers want wearable jewellery and not for lockers. So, it was classic but modern and minimal jewellery that can be worn daily,” observed Keshav Dutta Multani, Director, Multani Jewellers, New Delhi.  The brand also opted for open polki jewellery, which is lightweight compared to the traditional jadau. This gives the jewellery a flatter and broader look for a more modern appeal.

Over the years, Mother’s Day has developed as an occasion for gifting jewellery, and rising gold rates have increased attention to lightweight and wearable diamond jewellery. The nature of Mother’s Day gifting, which leans towards more personalized and intimate gifts, has influenced a shift in consumer preferences towards smaller and more modest jewellery items.  

As gold prices grow, consumers seek more affordable and practical alternatives to gold jewellery. This trend has made diamond jewellery, particularly designs that are easy to wear daily, the preferred choice for many who want to balance style and cost. 

Written by Aparna Bhowmick

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive

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