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Anish Sha of Akshaya Gold and Diamonds, shares his journey of success 




Anish Sha, Director of Akshaya Gold and Diamonds, shares his inspiring journey of success and customer satisfaction. Know about the insights shared by this dynamic entrepreneur who believes in the power of teamwork and customer satisfaction

Your career path

I did my B. Tech in Mechanical Sciences and started working in the family business of steel manufacturing and wheat flour milling. In 2010, we thought of starting a retail jewellery showroom. After doing courses from GIA and IGI, I travelled all over India, meeting jewellery manufacturers and wholesalers, and also visited a lot of retail jewellery stores. We finally opened the showroom in 2012. After 11 years, I feel humbled and grateful to earn the trust and satisfaction of over two lakh customers

Number of stores



Your management style

I believe in team work and giving responsibility to my staff. We review the reports at regular intervals and take decisions after every meeting. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Your biggest business opportunity

Put in the extra effort and give the customer the exact type of ornament they will be proud to wear.

Your best business achievement

Over two lakh satisfied customers in a short span of time.

Your biggest business ambition

To add as much as I can to the above numbers.

A person who has had the biggest influence on your leadership style

My father.

The person you would most like to meet

I prefer studying from great people’s life rather than just meeting them.

Philosophy of Life

Be merciful to those on Earth and the one above the heavens will have mercy upon you.

Your best personal achievement

Last year’s Asian Excellence Best Designer Jewellery award.

Your hobbies

Travel and Cricket.

Favourite restaurant

Al Hallab Restaurant in Dubai.

Favourite TV programme

Most programmes in Travel XP channel

My car

Porsche Cayenne

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