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At Arjun Jewellers’ new store, sustainability is the norm




The 13,000 sq. ft Arjun Jewellers store at Mavdi in Rajkot boasts artisanal and responsibly created collections for avid jewellery buyers seeking greater value from their ornaments


Arjun Jewellers, founded in 2006, runs on the USP of adapting the latest trends in the luxury world to create pieces of fine jewellery that look grand and have a much higher perceived value. Manishbhai Ghadiya, Director of Arjun Jewellers,

has also made it his mission to encourage sustainability in products and services. The exterior of the brand’s massive showroom at Mavdi in Rajkot exudes an appeal that only heritage buildings are known to possess. Once inside, a combination of ethnic rusticity and contemporary convenience takes over. The 13,000 sq ft store is spread over three levels. The ground floor is the premium section, comprising diamonds, diamond jewellery and 18kt gold jewellery. The first floor features


lightweight bridal jewellery weighing 50 to 100 grams, so one can expect to find bridal adornments like a gold panja or bajuband on this floor. The topmost floor is the premium boutique area and showcases all jewellery above 100 grams, with a dedicated space for more intricate and elaborate bridal jewellery.


The store showcases an extensive collection of fine diamonds along with rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other gemstones. All of their jewellery is either crafted in 22kt, 18kt or 14kt gold or sterling silver and platinum, providing ample options to jewellery customers. Customers looking for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings can choose from over 15,000 unique designs. Prices range from budget-friendly to high-end, catering to different preferences and budgets. The knowledgeable staff hasten to guide customers and provide expert advice on the jewellery to be purchased. Moreover, those seeking unique and bespoke pieces can opt for in-store design consultations and get customised jewellery fit for any occasion. The brand believes that hosting occasional jewellery workshops and demonstrations are significant as they deepen appreciation for craftsmanship of the jewellery.


The store is designed to make jewellery shopping convenient for customers. Be it virtual jewellery trials or augmented reality displays, the brand has leveraged technology to help customers select, try, analyze and then buy their choice of ornaments. Ample and comfortable seating arrangement line every floor of the showroom, ensuring that customers can take their time to admire, contemplate and complete their purchase without any hassles. To further supplement the ease of buying jewellery, the store also offers easy financing options, and extended warranty and return policies.


The Rajkot influence in the brand’s jewellery celebrates the region’s rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions. The collection features intricate designs and motifs inspired by Rajkot’s traditional jewellery where elements like filigree work, kundan settings and minakari enamelling are incorporated into the pieces. The brand’s collaboration with local Rajkot artisans helps them create exclusive jewellery that preserves and boosts the authenticity of the Rajkot jewellery craftsmanship. In Ghadiya’s opinion, embracing the Rajkot influence allows them to pay homage to the region’s cultural significance and support its artistic legacy.


The store’s speciality lies in offering a thoughtfully curated collection of vintage and antique jewellery that is artisanal and sustainable, and promoting national talent. Ghadiya aims to provide customers with a memorable and meaningful jewellery shopping experience, celebrating the beauty of craftsmanship, history, and responsible consumption. To uphold sustainability and ethical practices, he urges customers to make conscious choices while shopping for exquisite fine jewellery and ‘shine responsibly’.

Written by Aparna Bhowmick

The Retail jeweller India Magazine

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