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“We live in a world of collaborations – people, brands or platforms must be utilized to build a brand’s image”




The millennial generation is prompting jewellers to rethink their marketing strategies to appeal to this tech-savvy, conscious, and trend-driven demographic. From innovative communication through influencers and social media to emphasizing transparency and exclusivity, Antara Jewellery, led by MD Ankit Gala, are leveraging new-age marketing techniques to resonate with millennials and create a strong brand positioning in their minds.

The millennial generation is the most significant customer group in today’s market, changing the business scenario. Even if it is a minor portion of your business plan, your marketing strategy is crucial for growing today’s business. Millennials want to experience products with stories –meaningful designs with inspiring backstories. Similarly, they seek innovative communication to interact with the jewellery brand. Talking about innovative contact, we cannot ignore the role of influencers. Social media is vital; your best brand promoters are your customers. Your brand’s presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram increases the size of your customer base. It helps you build relationships with customers or potential customers. But retailers must know the social media marketing trends.

A jeweller’s marketing strategy needs to succeed in appealing to millennials. Like traditional advertising, influencer marketing, done right, can help establish and keep jewellery brands in the minds of millennials worldwide. We also collaborated with many influencers targeting different audiences, like Kishwer Merchant, an actor; Neha Rangalani, a nutritionist and health coach; and various millennial influencers, which helped us create significant buzz about the brand. Influencers have earned the trust and admiration of their tech-savvy target audience of millennials and Genz, which jewellery companies can use to build a positive image of their brands and products.

Millennials have significantly impacted branding and marketing strategies. For millennials, exclusivity is vital. Millennials look for excitement and exclusivity while purchasing jewellery to boost their self-esteem and preserve their sense of self in the community. Recently, we launched our new collection – Diamond Diva, with the campaign theme #ShineBrighter. #ShineBrighter illustrates the stories of women achievers who believe in themselves and rise against all odds. The ad film features stories of successful women achievers from different walks of life, like a DJ, Golfer, and architect, who have broken the stereotypes and made a place for themselves despite the odds. Through the campaign #ShineBrighter, Antara Jewellery honours the unbreakable spirit of fearless women who are above society’s social norms. Through such campaigns, a brand builds strong positioning in the minds of modern-thinking women. Design collections based on such philosophy spontaneously resonate with such customers who feel pride in owning it.

“Our recent collection, Diamond Diva, with the campaign theme #ShineBrighter, illustrates the stories of women achievers who believe in themselves and rise against all odds. Through such campaigns, a brand builds strong positioning in the minds of modern-thinking women”

ankit gala, Managing Director, Antara Jewellery

Transparency is their top focus too. They want to know how things are manufactured, where they come from, and their impact on the communities that produce and use them. Brands that promote openness in any form- how they manufacture value their staff or give back to communities, or anything else that relates to their business engage the new-age customers and win over this sizable demographic’s trust, communicate sincerity, and foster loyalty.
For a while now, video content has been the preferred method of information delivery for consumers, and marketers are always coming up with creative ways to use it in their communications with existing and potential customers. We ensure that images of our collection or campaign videos, collaborations, and critical milestones are captured on our social media platforms.


Besides social media, millennials like jewels to be shown to them in a more exciting and direct approach, made possible through fashion shows and exhibits. Association with fashion builds lifestyle aspirations for young customers. Fashion shows and exhibits are the perfect places to be seen and have your brand recognised, as those platforms have loyal followers.

We have been participating in many exhibitions and recently participated in Le Mark Design Week x IMC, where we collaborated with Fashion designer Swati Chaudhary and many famous faces from the TV industry wore Antara jewellery on the ramp. Millennials can be reached through exciting fashion shows and pop-ups, whether you want to expand your customer, launch a new jewellery line, or spread awareness of your business.

You must embrace technology and social media if you want to be successful at marketing to millennials. We live in a world of collaborations- people, brands, or platforms are essential to building a brand’s image and business. If you are marketing to millennials, it is the fail-safe route to an excellent investment for your company’s future.

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