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Retailers share heartwarming experiences of customer delight




Retailers recount touching stories of going above and beyond for their customers, fostering lasting relationships, and creating moments of joy and celebration through the art of selling jewellery

  • ‘Compliments on our jewellery brought this customer back’

A US-based lady was happy with a lot of gold and diamond jewellery bought from us in 2002, but did not visit the store for years after that. Last month, she walked in with her daughter and bought the latter’s entire wedding jewellery from the store. When asked why we had not seen her for years, she told me that whenever she wore the jewellery bought from us, she received a lot of compliments. So, she had decided to buy her daughter’s wedding jewellery from our store.

– Mahavir Bohra, Owner, Aabhushan Jewellers, Bengaluru

  • ‘What keeps us going is trust of clients over generations’

One day, a customer came in to buy jewellery for her daughter’s wedding. She was looking for bangles and earrings to go with the necklace that she already had. While interacting with her, we came to know that the necklace was gifted to her by her mother-in-law and that it was bought from our store for her mother-in-law’s wedding. That experience is actually common with most of our customers and their families who have been patronizing us for generations. That is really what keeps us going.

– Rupak Saha, Director, Shyam Sundar Co Jewellers Kolkata

  • ‘Happy three-decade-old customer buys again from us’

A few months ago, an old woman visited my store to buy wedding jewellery for her daughter. I recognized her as one of my first customers when I had opened the store almost 32 years ago. She too recognized me and said that the customized gold jewellery she had bought from my store almost three decades ago is still with her in the same condition. Her words made my eyes go moist. The woman and her daughter bought jewellery worth Rs 12-13 lakh that day.

– Daxesh Soni, Owner, Parasmani Gems, Ahmedabad

  • ‘Great reselling experience leads woman to Rs 1 cr purchase’

In 2022, an old customer came to resell gold and diamond jewellery that she had bought from us in 2017. Its original price was around Rs 25 lakh, and as a good gesture, we decided to pay the entire amount back to her. After three months, the same lady said she faced issues with resale of diamond jewellery bought from chain stores, and the money took 45 days to come. She praised me for my prompt response and bought jewellery of around Rs 1 crore from us.

– Piyusha Nyati, Owner, Ornate Jewels Kota

  • ‘I managed to change a client’s perception about Polki’

We were trying to persuade one of our old clients to buy Polki, but he was not too keen because of resale concerns. On his recent visit, I made up my mind to change his perception about Polki jewellery. I showed him one of our best collections in open-setting Polki and informed him about our exchange policy, which was similar to diamonds. Finally, he understood my point and bought a Polki necklace from us.

– Karan Kesri, Badri Prasad Arun Kumar Jewellers, Lucknow

  • ‘New customer found prices high, later revised opinion’

Last month, a new customer visited the store to buy gold and diamond jewellery. After shortlisting some pieces and deciding what she wanted to buy, she suddenly said our prices were quite high compared to a few other big jewellers in town. She did not listen to any explanation and left the store without buying anything. After a few years, the same lady turned up at the store and told the staff that we were right. She even bought jewellery similar to the pieces she had shortlisted earlier.

– Rakesh Mailapur, Owner, Mahalaxmi Jewellers, Bengaluru

Written by Aparna Bhowmick

The Retail Jeweller India Magazine

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