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Priti Kharkia

Playing with unique colour stones like tanzanite, yellow opals, quartz, Russian emerald is one of her forte to make sure that the creation becomes one-of-a-kind beauty.

–Manoj Chakraborty

The Retail Jeweller (TRJ): From pursuing MBA and IILM to your jewellery designing course from NID, tell us more about your journey?

Priti Kharkia (PK): I pursued a business course after I got married, while simultaneously studying Diamond Grading and Gemology. I imbibed Diamond Grading through a German mentor who directed me towards a road leading to jewellery designing he considered the field to have a lot of scope. He helped me in comprehending the aesthetics, longevity, tradition, versatility and the classic way to design an exceptional creation. The path walked in NID has been a whole new odyssey.


TRJ: What fascinated you towards the jewellery industry?


PK: Jewellery has always been my first love and I have always been inclined to it. Accompanying my mother on her diamond shopping, I learned that as far as the designs were concerned, there were not a lot of options in the market; I preferred going to Mumbai to explore more patterns and variety. I always thought that less variety in jewels served as a limitation to the market. As a jewellery lover, my heart pushed me to create something exclusive for the market here.


TRJ: What makes your creations unique in the industry?

PK: Our jewellery is one of a kind. Our creations are unique unlike others. We design every piece in-house. We look at the colour and couture trends, using different materials, creating a lot of fusions with polkis and diamonds, shapes.  Playing with unique colour stones is one of our fortes, like tanzanite, yellow opals, quartz, Russian emerald etc. We make sure everything is handcrafted and manufactured; the creation ultimately results in one-of-a-kind beauty.


TRJ: As lab-grown diamonds are entering the market in huge numbers, can we expect the jewellery designers to come up with new collections in this category in the near future?

PK: We at Diamond Constellation are very certain about natural-diamonds; we plan to stick to them and that’s the face of future for us, even though lab growns might have a customer-base of their own, similar to the client-base for natural ones.


TRJ: Tell us about a piece of work that is very close to your heart?

PK: The Polki Choker collection is very close to my heart, that collection has an inherent value of gold and diamond. Also, the polki diamonds are set in way that they’re deprived of wax, I have worked on alluring bridal which along with beautifying their features, serve as an asset in coming times.

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