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It’s the Experience that Matters

It’s the Experience that Matters 0 Updated

🕔09:50, 5.Mar 2018

By – S A Sarfaraz – Managing Partner, LKS Gold House, Chennai When in the jewellery business, a lasting experience is what matters ultimately. What memories the customer takes back, and whether she returns determines a good sales experience. And

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Convince, Cajole and Conquer

Convince, Cajole and Conquer 0

🕔12:13, 12.Dec 2017

Geetika Chauhan, Store Manager Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers Indore It is a prerequisite in the jewellery trade to successfully meet customer satisfaction. But it’s not an easy task, especially given the tight competition that thrives in the market. Most customers

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Finding fault, losing faith

Finding fault, losing faith 0 Updated

🕔11:15, 12.Dec 2017

In the race to outpace each other jewellers can fall into a trap laid, perhaps unwittingly, by pushy customers, and find themselves disparaging one another. A jeweller who does this may expect that the customer will come back to buy,

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