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From a teacher to a jewellery designer



Renowned jewellery designer Gitanjali Sahijwaala, in a candid conversation with The Retail Jeweller, shares his journey in the jewellery industry and her future plans.

–Manoj Chakraborty


From a successful career in teaching to foraying into jewellery designing at present, tell us more about your journey?

A Post Graduate from the SNDT University(Mumbai) in Dietetics and Food Service Management, I completed my B Ed (Bachelor in Education) and taught for almost 15 years at Arya Vidya Mandir, Juhu, Mumbai.

Jewellery has been my passion ever since I was a child. I was always fascinated by jewellery. The various jewellery pieces in my wardrobe took a new “Avatar” after I subjected them to a lot of dissections and experimentations.  I strongly believe that if you allow your passion to become your purpose, one day it will surely become your profession, unleashing your creative instincts. Jewellery designing was on top of my bucket list and I thought to myself, If not now, then when. Thereafter in 2015, I began my journey into the beautiful and colourful world of jewellery.

What was your first tryst with design?

During one of my holidays in my teaching career, while gazing  through the window displays of some of the famous urban jewellery shops, the sheer enchantment for the exotic colours of the gemstones and the elaborate designs made me realize that I too had to give back to my community by creating exquisite and wearable pieces of jewellery which expresses the free-spirited yet traditional, raw yet soft, sensitive yet strong Indian woman.

Have you faced any hurdle in setting up your own line of jewellery?

Being a first-generation jeweller, I had no background or backing in the industry. I started my brand Lotus SSutra in the year 2014. However, I did face challenges at times while dealing with my karigars. To overcome my shortcomings and to strengthen my skills in the field of jewellery, I did my jewellery designing courses from the Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery and J K Diamonds Institute in Mumbai. These learning platforms helped me imbibe the finer nuances required for my profession and understand the various techniques involved in the jewellery manufacture.


What makes your collection unique in the Industry?

I believe in a design policy that is simple yet chic, contemporary yet classy. Every piece of jewellery should speak for itself and should be timeless, personal, versatile and most importantly wearable without compromising on the quality and serviceability.

Tell us about a piece of work that is very close to your heart?

My debut Lotus collection, that included jewellery pieces with lotus motifs which included, the multi-functional lotus pendant necklace cum waistband with intricate filigree work enhanced with gemstones, an armlet,a lotus cut out haath phool and Kashmiri earrings that was showcased at the IIJW 2015 are still treasured by me.


What are your future plans?

My focus has always been to create bespoke and timeless pieces for my clients, which I enjoy creating and they enjoy adorning them.Making a noteworthy presence of Lotus SSutra in the Indian Market would definitely be a dream come true.


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