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VBS is well known for its Window Display and Retail Design services. The Company’s DNA is to be innovative while simultaneously being true to the client’s brief, needs and requirements. We believe in bringing your Brand Story alive through a strong Visual Storytelling. Each Positive purchase decision comes from an experience. From lighting Colour to Signage Fragrance, every element plays a crucial role in the shopping experience. At VBS, Design Solutions are fully tailored to meet the need of our clients. We have an in-house Design Team and a Manufacturing setup. Once the retailers approve the Designs for Window Displays, our Production Team handles everything end to end. The boxes get packed store wise and get shipped to all of our clients in India and to the Middle East. 

VBS is offering its services for the last 11 years and has offices in Mumbai; Dubai. From these two office, we provide services pan India and in the Middle East.