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Retailers share experiences of spreading joy through online jewellery shopping




Retailers share anecdotes of going the extra mile to cater to customers’ unique needs, transcending geographical boundaries, and delivering moments of happiness and love through the digital medium of selling jewellery online

  • ‘We delivered customized ear cuffs to a bride-to-be from Canada’

“Recently, we were contacted by a bride-to-be from Canada, who had been following us on social media platforms. She liked one of our award-winning, 22K modernized gold ear cuffs and wanted some customizations added to it. Our sales experts smoothly helped her with the process of customization, certification and an eased-out international delivery process. She plans to come down to India by the end of the year to continue her bridal shopping with us.”

– Soumya Khurana, Director, Khurana Jewellery House Amritsar

  • ‘Liking our designs on social media, NRI came to India and bought from us’

“In November last year, an NRI customer from the US contacted us and enquired about the jewellery designs she was going through on our social media pages. She also informed us that she was coming down to India in December for her wedding trousseau shopping. We asked the client to pay a visit to the store which she eventually did and purchased her bridal set from us.”

– Harsh Hemdev, Director, Ghanasingh Fine Jewels (Kamlesh Hemdev Group), Mumbai

  • ‘NRI customer found us on Instagram, bought bridal necklace from us’

“In February, an NRI customer connected with us through Instagram. She was looking to purchase a bridal necklace for her upcoming wedding. She liked the design of one of our bridal necklaces and purchased it. We then shipped the necklace to the client, who was very happy with the product and wore it at her wedding.”

– Shrey Mehta, Director, Pooja Diamonds, Ahmedabad

  • ‘Client made video call from Dubai to show us pendant with customization request’

“We have a celebrity client from Dubai, who contacted us in December last year to make a customized diamond-studded pendant. The client had liked a diamond pendant in Dubai, but there was no option to customize it. So, through a video call, he gave me a glimpse of that pendant, and asked me to print a picture of him and his wife in it. We took almost 20 days to create the pendant from scratch and customized it as per his request. There was a diamond-studded chain along with the pendant. The customer was very happy seeing the final product which we then delivered to him in Dubai at our own cost.”

– Mehul Khurana, Managing Partner, Sunder Jewellers, Chandigarh

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