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Chaulaz Heritage Jewellery: A Regal Shopping Experience in Ahmedabad




The 3,000 square foot Chaulaz Heritage Jewellery flagship store at Ahmedabad’s prime Anandnagar Road is a one-stop destination for inspiring heritage designs

The Chaulaz Heritage Jewellery flagship store at Anandnagar Road, Ahmedabad, is all about providing a royal heritage jewellery shopping experience to its customers. It started as a business from home, grew to a 500 square foot store in the Vastrapur, Satellite area of the city, and was later shifted and expanded into the current showroom, spread over two floors, at the prime location in Ahmedabad.


Chaulaz Heritage Jewellery was born from Chaula Parashar Patel’s passion for jewellery-making. Amongst the very few women running a business in the jewellery industry, Patel drew inspiration from her mother, also a jeweller, operating from home. She started young at the age of 18, making jewellery for family and friends.


She worked with polki, did meena work, a speciality of Jaipur. Through word of mouth, her customer base expanded. She developed her forte in heritage bridal jewellery, as she was always inclined towards old gold.

The Chaulaz store is situated on the Anandnagar main road. Opposed to the idea of outdoor hoardings, the location on the high street allows the brand just the right visibility it needs.
Patel is also into stock-broking, and owns the entire building where the store is located; therefore, shifting the jewellery business to the same building made running it more convenient for her. The jewellery store takes up the ground and first floors of the building, which is not located on the jewellery highstreet, but still attracts customers who come to buy her specialized range of jewellery.


The main forte of the brand is bridal heritage jewellery, comprising antique Basra pearl collections and other antique pieces for its elite clients looking at the luxury segment. The collections are hand-made, using fine-quality Zambian and Colombian emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tourmaline and other precious stones. The new store provides end-to-end customization of bridal heritage jewellery in gold. From manufacturing to designing, Chaulaz products are created in-house, unlike other retailers who source and sell jewellery. The brand offers a range of heritage antique jewellery in polki and jadau, and its speciality is Ahmedabadi jadau. The store mainly has old heritage designs, which make up about 60% of the stock, and the remaining 40% is contemporary polki jewellery.

The price range starts from Rs 3 lakh and goes up to Rs 50-80 lakh for high-end bridal jewellery. The USP of Chaulaz is using old techniques, often taking references from old books, and strictly using only precious metals and stones to create its signature pieces.
The ground floor of the store is dedicated to a pre-bridal section, and the first floor is a complete bridal section. The store does not have a conventional display; instead, it offers clients a private luxury experience with private seating and two salespersons attending to each buyer.


After having spent over 17 years in business, Chaulaz has gathered not only a wide database of customers but also goodwill in the market. On the back of steady service and unique designs, the brand has built a niche appeal amongst customers. Besides, the brand is garnering a lot of attention for its niche design aesthetics that traces back to the crafts and craftsmanship of the ancient period. A lot of its customer base has come from across the country through Instagram. The strategy is to focus on marketing and brand building while maintaining a trustworthy brand reputation.


Chaulaz is coming up with a new collection called ‘Rangbahar’ for its luxury bridal section. It will comprise old stones like Kashmiri sapphires and Madagascar rubies, among others. All the stones in this collection are going to be certified and will be collected over a period of time. The collection will only be available to customers at the Chaulaz store through appointments.

Written by Janhavi Ganguly
The Retail Jeweller India Magazine

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