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Retailers share anecdotes of going the extra mile to cater to customers’ unique needs, transcending geographical boundaries, and delivering moments of happiness and love through the digital medium of selling jewellery online.

  • ‘Customer liked our award-winning ring, bought it online’

In 2020, one of our diamond rings won an award. We promoted the news through various social media handles, along with the image of the ring. After a few days, a Delhi-based customer contacted us and enquired about the ring. He made the payment for the ring and asked us to send it to his Delhi address. We were elated as it was one of our first online sales.

Nandita Agarwal Director, Sona Chandi Jewellers, Kanpur

  • ‘Insta post about diamond bracelet makes a customer buy two of them’

A couple of weeks ago, one of our old customers saw our Instagram posts about a diamond bracelet. She then contacted the team and informed them that she needed two bracelets of the same type. The customer then visited the store to finalise the order and make the final payment. The team took a few days to complete the order.

Meghali Gupta Director, Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewellers, New Delhi

  • ‘Man buys silver jewellery after seeing our social media campaign’

We recently ran a social media campaign for Raksha-bandhan. Seeing the campaign, a new customer from Kozhikode contacted us and wanted to purchase silver jewellery for his brother. After selecting three silver Rakhis, one silver necklace and a silver chain, the customer made an online purchase, post which we sent the items to the specified address.

Raghava Rastogi Partner, Jugal Kishore Jewellers, Lucknow

  • ‘Bride-to-be could pick her wedding jewellery over a video call’

One of our customers, a bride-to-be, lived in a different city and was not able to travel to our showroom to buy her wedding jewellery. So, one of our staff members, with a face shape similar to the customer, wore outfits that matched her wedding attire along with our jewellery collection, on a video call, so that she could virtually shortlist her favourites. We also incorporated our digital try-on booth technology in the bride’s city, assuring her that she was making the best choice. On her wedding day, she looked stunning, thanks to our customer service and digital innovation.

Vastupal Ranka Director, Ranka Jewellers Pune

  • ‘US-based woman reached our website through Facebook, bought bracelet’

A couple of months ago, one of my US-based clients gave our reference to her friend, who was coming down to Bengaluru. The friend was connected to us on Facebook and through it, she saw the page of the company and gave us the order for a Bulgari bracelet. She was in India for 15 days. We managed to complete the order on time and delivered it to her Bengaluru address. She was very happy and promised to refer more people to us in future.

Abhishek Kapoor Solitaire Diamond Boutique, Kanpur

  • ‘Customer finds us on the Net, buys Galsari necklace from us’

Recently, a buyer from Ahmedabad read about the craftsmanship of PNG Sons on the Internet. She was hunting for an authentic Galsari necklace, so she sent us a photo of an ornament and requested us to make it according to that design. We then shared a genuine Galsari design with her, which she appreciated and finally confirmed. She liked our approach, as it had added to her knowledge. She then made the online payment, and the Galsari necklace was delivered to her through a secure channel ahead of the scheduled time.

Aditya Modak CFO, PNG Sons Mumbai

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