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#GemZ: Campaign by C Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers brings the spotlight on young jewellery buyers



Sixteen young women customers of the brand, who are early achievers, talk about their respective skillsets and choose their own jewellery and entire look to go with it for the campaign videos

Bengaluru: Gen Z is the next big target group for business. Besides being on top of every trend, this segment is the most apt representation of discerning youth. When it comes to jewellery, Gen Z does buy a lot and it is mindful buying. To uphold their tastes, C Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers recently ran a campaign, in collaboration with 16 loyal Gen Z customers, who are high achievers and influencers in their own right. The brand named them ‘Gem Z’. 

The campaign featured an elaborate video shoot with each participant introducing herself and talking about her work. The first set of four videos had Dr Tejaswini TS, a doctor and hoola-hoop artist, Dr Saeed Arik who is also an animal rights activist, singer-songwriter Trina Dutt, and international swimmer Nina Venkatesh. Next up were videos featuring Shreya Shetty, cancer biologist Keerthi Shetty, data scientist Nainika and marketing manager Zohra Sait. Thereafter, the brand posted a video featuring student Anika Jayasimha, trap shooter Pallavi Singh, automotive engineer Priyanka Yadav, and restaurant industry professional Anushka Ghorpade. The final set of videos featured coach and facility training manager Prachi Singh, make-up artiste Nischitha Jagadeesh, dancer Sania Khimji and baker Neha Gupta. 

Each participant combined her own aesthetics, ideas and skillsets to create fashion benchmarks across age groups. The reels had an average viewership of 13.5K at the time of writing this story. Talking about the regional, national, as well as international campaign, C. Vinod Hayagriv, MD and Director of C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers, said, “We focused on young women in the age group of 18-28. They, we believe, are the future leaders and innovators. We encouraged them to share their unique professional achievements, and found several talented young women worthy to be showcased to a larger audience.”

The 16 women featured in the campaign have been long-term clients of the brand and they chose the jewellery based on their knowledge of the concept-rich, thematic designs. “Some wore funky gold, some combined various genres. It was a fresh perspective for us and we created intrigue on social media about making jewellery not only relevant but also a part and parcel of the larger Gen Z audience,” explained Hayagriv. 

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