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Retailers Share Heartwarming Experiences of Customer Delight 




Retailers recount touching stories of going above and beyond for their customers, fostering lasting relationships, and creating moments of joy and celebration through the art of selling jewellery

  • We helped this important client plan her look for events

While helping an important client with her purchase, we noticed that our inventory enticed her every time she spoke about any event that she was planning her look for. Our awareness of the latest trends in the fashion industry and in-house stylists helped her seal the look for every occasion. She was very happy that our design acumen and strong sense of aesthetics helped her not only to plan the jewellery, but also to carry it off. She has always been a happy buyer.

– Yashasvi Saraf, Creative Head, Yashasvi, Kolkata

  • Couple had met at our store, so they came to celebrate their 25th anniversary here

In January, a customer visited the store with his family. He had been our customer since my grandfather’s time. He said he had relocated to Kerala, but had come to Mumbai to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary. He had apparently met his future wife and her family for the first time at our store, and both the families got to know each other through my grandfather. So, for their silver anniversary, they decided to visit our Mumbai store and even bought a couple of diamond rings.

– Bharat Rathod, Director, Vardan Jewellers, Mumbai

  • Customer overwhelmed by amount I offered for his old jewellery

In May, a new customer visited our store to buy gold jewellery, and wanted to exchange 250 grams of old gold jewellery he had brought with him during the transaction. After evaluating the old jewellery, I offered him a good amount for it. The customer was overwhelmed and told me the store where he had bought that jewellery originally had offered him Rs 1 lakh less than my offer. He is now a regular customer and refers our name to his close friends and family members.

– Vinit Ajit Bora, Owner, Simratmal Kundanmal Jewellers, Ahmednagar

  • Why a new customer bought jewellery worth Rs 10-11 lakh

About two months ago, a new customer came to the store to buy jewellery for his daughter’s wedding. While looking at our latest designs, he told me that he had visited 4-5 stores in the city, but did not like their designs. He also told me that he found the design quality and jewellery variety available at my store very good, and also that our prices were reasonable as compared to other jewellers. The customer bought wedding jewellery for Rs 10-11 lakh that day.

– Nikunj Choksi, Owner, Jay Bhavani Jewellers, Junagarh

  • Man impressed by our prompt service became regular customer

About two years ago, a new customer visited the store carrying a broken diamond bangle. The renowned chain store where he had bought the bangle had said that they wanted at least 7-8 days to repair it. The man could not wait that long as he had a wedding. A friend referred him to our store. Despite no in-store facility nor any local vendor to carry out the repair in such a short time, I took it as a challenge. I got the item repaired by a vendor in Kolkata within three days. The man was so impressed that he became our regular customer.

– Gaurav Mundra, Owner, Mundra Jewellers Sambalpur

  • Satisfied customer returns to invite sales staff to wedding

Some months ago, one of our old customers visited the store to buy an entire wedding trousseau from us. The staff showed the family some of our best jewellery collections and the purchase went very well. The same customer returned to the store recently with the marriage invitation and gifted a 1 kg sweet box to the sales staff. For me, he got a special gift hamper costing Rs 30,000-Rs 35000. The entire staff was overwhelmed because of this gesture from the customer.

– Sandeep Kapoor, Owner, Lahore Jewellers Dehradun

  • Man comes to repair gold bangle, buys four diamond ones

In July last year, an old customer visited the store for jewellery repair work. As it was his first visit post-COVID, the sales staff started showing him our latest collections and designs. The customer got so impressed looking at the designs that he decided to sell the gold bangle that he had come to repair, and bought four diamond bangles in its place.

– Ravindra Bhandari, Director, Shiv Shubham Jewellers, Mumbai

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