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Ideas to keep the counter busy…

‘We ensure 360-degree marketing of the brand’

We have started giving free insurance schemes to customers on the purchase of any kind of jewellery. Secondly, we made changes to the existing inventory by introducing new and trendy designs to attract
customers. We ensure 360-degree marketing of the brand by utilizing print, outdoor, radio and social media to reach out to more customers.

Ajay Mangal, Owner, Gehna Jewellers, Gwalior

‘Get-togethers within the store bring in customers’


We collaborated with professional mehendi artists by inviting them to take part in our in-store activities, which saw the participation of a large number of women customers. We also organize small get-togethers within the store on special occasions such as Women’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Teachers’ Day, etc., inviting our elite customers to be
part of the event.

Abhishek Kacharia, Associate, Alankar Jewellers, Jharsugudha

‘Our staff call and find out customers’ latest tastes’

Customers’ choices change with time, so, it’s important for jewellers to update themselves. We have instructed the sales staff to get in touch
with customers via phone call or social media to find out what their latest requirements and tastes are. For example, we ask them about the preferred jewellery design, price point, weight range, etc. On the basis of that, we plan our inventory, so that the next time they visit our store, they will find exactly what they want.

Akshit Patadia, Proprietor, Suvarnam Jewels, Ahmedabad

‘Regular in-house staff training sessions aid sales’

Tele-calling is an important part of our customer-centric activity. We design 2-3 types of pamphlets advertising various offers and schemes, which are changed every 3-4 months for customers. We also innovate the jewellery designs so that the inventory looks fresh and appealing to customers. We conduct in-house staff training sessions on a regular basis to update our staff members. We also get in touch with our best vendors and invite them to organize small in-store exhibitions and displays.

Aditya Singhal, Partner, Bhajan Lal Suresh Chandra Saraf, Beawar

‘We have both ATL and BTL marketing activities’

We have both ATL and BTL marketing activities. We try to conduct at least 4 in-store activities and one big event in a month, inviting 30-40 people for games and fun activities. A two-member team goes to housing societies, residential apartments, etc., to advertise our brand logo and name. Our teams even visit the Panchayat office and Gram Sabhas of the nearby rural areas to raise brand awareness and reach more people. Once every month, the entire team of one showroom visits a nearby town or rural area to conduct activities for customers.

Achutananda Meher, Director, Arundhati Jewellers, Bolangir, Odisha

‘Launched lightweight diamond jewellery to suit customers’

Due to high gold prices, customers are looking for alternatives in jewellery products to suit their pocket. So, we have introduced a new segment of lightweight diamond jewellery with competitive pricing at our store. The segment has a new range of lightweight jewellery consisting of rings, pendants, earrings, chains, small neckpieces, etc.

Abhay Agarwal, Proprietor, Kanhaiyalal Sarraf Jewellers, Varanasi

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