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How Gowri Reddy built her brand, attending to each client personally




Gowri Reddy, Founder of Gowri’s Jewellery, Hyderabad has built her fine jewellery brand ground up, banking on her design capability and keen sense of what customers want. Now, she looks forward to building a whole new customer base with the launch of the brand’s spanking new second store in the posh Jubilee Hills area of the city

Around 18 years ago, Gowri Reddy, an Electronics and Communications engineer, who had just become a mother, gave up her job to nurture her newborn and follow her passion – jewellery-making. Until then, her penchant for jewellery design was limited to creating small pieces for herself and gifting some to friends and family. Her parents were initially apprehensive about her leaving her career to be what they termed a ‘goldsmith’, but Reddy had her husband’s support and by 2008, when she started the business from home, her family came around to support her. Recalling the initial days, Gowri Reddy says, “It was a one-woman show. I used to roam around, taking orders, buying the gem stones, creating the designs, and also delivering them myself. I had two goldsmiths – I used to sit with them and tell them how to design and we churned out a limited quantity of jewellery. Slowly, the orders increased, and I set aside a room at my home in Champapet for the business.”

Reddy remembers her first big order, with a ticket size of Rs 1 lakh, that became a turning point for her. “I had started with designing 1 gm or half a gram pieces at a time when the price of gold was Rs 8,500 for 10 gms. Suddenly, this big order from a lady who also gave me the freedom to design according to my choice was a big opportunity. It also gave me confidence,” she recalls, adding that she took it on, encouraged by her husband Srinivas Reddy Amireddy, who is now managing director of the company, overseeing the supply chain and other operations.


In 2010, Reddy took a place on rent at Champapet and started a 1,000 sq ft store. Customers grew, the team grew and so did her dedication to the business. In 2017, Reddy launched a 2,000 sq ft store in Champapet, and it remains her base. Besides design, Reddy’s forte is sales. “I know that if I talk to a customer, I can definitely turn it into a sale,” a confident Reddy says.
In March this year, Gowri’s Jewellery launched its 12,000 sq. ft second store in Hyderabad’s posh Jubilee Hills locality. According to Reddy, the store already has 20-30 new customers buying from it monthly, and word-of-mouth referrals are growing.

Edited excerpts from a conversation with Gowri Reddy, Founder of Gowri’s Jewellery

The Retail Jeweller (TRJ): What is the USP with which you started Gowri’s Jewellery?

Gowri Reddy (GR): The USP of Gowri’s Jewellery lies in the fusion of tradition and innovation. We combine the rich heritage of jewellery-making with contemporary design aesthetics, resulting in classic yet modern pieces. We take pride in our attention to detail, the use of high-quality materials, and the skillful craftsmanship that goes into creating every piece of jewellery.

“ By opening a store in Jubilee Hills, we aim to bring our products and services closer to many loyal customers in this area, who have been supporting our brand for years ”

Gowri Reddy, Founder of Gowri’s Jewellery, Hyderabad

Another USP of the brand is customer-centricity. I attend to each and every client personally, and take the time to understand their desires, preferences and occasions, and then suggest jewellery pieces that align with their individual style and needs within their budget. They rely on me. I aim to make every customer feel valued, understood and delighted, and this forges lasting relationships.

TRJ: Why did you pick Jubilee Hills as a location for the new store? How has it worked for the brand so far regarding footfalls and business?

GR: By opening a store in Jubilee Hills, we aim to bring our products and services closer to many loyal customers in this area, who have been supporting our brand for years. Moreover, Jubilee Hills is known for its affluent and cosmopolitan population, and our brand resonates well with this demographic, as our products cater to those who appreciate quality and are willing to invest in premium offerings.

Since the store’s opening, the response from our existing and new clients has been overwhelming. The convenience of the location has encouraged our existing clients to visit more frequently, and we have also been able to attract new customers who were previously unable to reach our other store location in Champapet, in south-east Hyderabad. From 10.30 am to 9 pm every day, I divide my time between the two stores, where customers often wait an hour or more to meet me.

TRJ: As a new entrant at a premium location, where many legacy brands are already present for many years, how do you plan to take on the competition?

GR: We acknowledge the longstanding establishment and trust built by legacy brands in the vicinity. We see this not as a challenge, rather an opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to the market. We are excited to introduce our unique offerings and innovative approaches, which we believe will complement the existing offerings in a competitive environment. We firmly believe that our presence in this premium location will enrich the market, providing customers with even more choices and enhancing the overall experience.

TRJ: Bridal jewellery is the forte of Gowri’s. What is the customer profile that you cater to and over what geographies? What kind of jewellery do you have in stock to cater to them?

GR: While we primarily serve customers in South India, we cater to a wide range of individuals across different geographies. Our collections include intricately crafted necklaces, earrings, and elegant bangles and maang tikas. Our inventory is carefully curated to ensure that we can meet the preferences of our brides, regardless of their cultural backgrounds or style preferences.

Besides bridal jewellery, we have cufflinks, tie pins, rings, and bracelets for grooms. We also have jewellery for everyday wear and festive and occasional wear collections. For those seeking bold and eye-catching pieces, our statement collections feature unique designs, vibrant colours and unconventional materials.

We stock gold, diamonds, polki and coloured gemstones, including rubies, sapphires, emeralds and amethysts. Our main offering revolves around the use of gemstones. We believe that gemstones hold a special allure, with each stone possessing its own captivating beauty and symbolism. Our artisans carefully select and expertly set these gemstones to create pieces that evoke emotions and make a lasting impression. Prices of jewellery on our shelves range from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 crore, and cost can go up much more for high-end custom pieces.

TRJ: Do you design the jewellery yourself or have other designers as well?

GR: I design the pieces myself, with a team of in-house designers who assist me in creating seasonal collections. Sometimes, I collaborate with external designers to bring diverse styles and perspectives to our collections while maintaining our signature appeal.

“ We did not spend a single rupee on marketing and advertising before mid-2022, relying on word-of-mouth ”

Gowri Reddy, Founder of Gowri’s Jewellery, Hyderabad

TRJ: What are the new opportunities in the market, considering that you started many years ago? How do you compare the market now versus what it was earlier?

GR: The market landscape has evolved, and brought about exciting opportunities for us as an established brand. One of the notable changes is that customers today seek jewellery that reflects their individual style and story. This shift has allowed us to leverage our years of experience and expertise in crafting bespoke pieces that resonate with our customers on a personal level. As for the market, we have seen a noticeable increase in competition, which is healthy and fosters innovation.

TRJ: How are you looking to expand Brand Gowri’s? Do you plan to extend your reach online?

GR: In the coming months, our primary goal is to establish our new store as a space where customers feel welcomed, inspired and delighted by our offerings. We aim to solidify our brand presence and build a loyal customer base. While we don’t have immediate plans for additional physical stores, we remain open to the possibility, depending on strategic opportunities. We did not spend a single rupee on marketing and advertising before mid-2022, relying on word-of-mouth, and believing that customers should touch and feel the jewellery before they buy. Currently, we do not sell online, but we will continue to leverage Instagram and other social media channels to connect with our customers, showcase our products and share our brand story.

By Srabana Lahiri

The Retail Jeweller India Magazine

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