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Kumari Fine Jewels pulls off a marketing coup with the hilarious ‘Museum of Bad Gifts’ campaign



Cauliflower, anti-dandruff shampoo, and teddy bear hogged the limelight as Kumari Fine Jewels got into the rescue gifting mode and positioned itself as the go-to place for good gifts

Mumbai: It’s usual to ask for or even dream about the best Valentine’s gift ever, but imagine someone thinking of the worst possible gift. That’s not a publicity stunt but a well-planned positioning by Kumari Fine Jewels, the new brand under the umbrella of DP Jewel Line. And it’s called the Museum of Bad Gifts. Let’s get in!

In order to position themselves as a saviour brand for good gifting, Kumari Fine Jewels entered the market with a trend-defying campaign, in which 30 social media influencers such as Sufi Motiwala, Yashashree Rao, and Shibani Bedi took part. This was a contest in which the brand distributed dainty heart charms to 20 lucky winners who shared their misadventures in getting some of the weirdest gifts ever possible to be sent as a token of love. This was a six-day-long contest that continued from February 9 to 14, in which participants had to follow the brand on Instagram in the first place, and then share their bad gift stories by using #BadGifts in the comments section of the page. The winners were announced at 8pm on February 14th.

Cauliflower, anti-dandruff shampoo, and teddy bear hogged the limelight as far as Kumari Fine Jewels’ Instagram reels are concerned. Some of the most interesting comments mentioned toilet timer and expired Ferrero Rocher, and also received a standalone post from the brand itself, with the resounding influence fetching as much as 21K, 66K and 15K likes respectively on some of the reels.

Sharing about the experience, Amit Bandi, CEO, Kumari Fine Jewels, said, “Generally people promote occasions in jewellery trade, but necessity misses out. Now, gifting has become so common that self-introduction as a rescue brand has become important, keeping in mind the urban Mumbai market. More than 200 people shared their detailed ideas about bad gifting. The Museum of Bad Gifts was revealed and we rewarded the top commentators with rescue gifting.” This technique turned the recipients of the gifts into consequential ambassadors of the brand.

Elaborating further, Vikas Kataria, Founder, Kumari Fine Jewels, said, “Our collaborative efforts brought in over 15 million impressions. The idea was conceived a week before Valentine’s Day. More than 500 enquiries were generated after Valentine’s Day. Within 72 hours of launching the campaign, we got a huge bump of 1000 followers, with profile visits crossing the 84000 mark.”

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