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The youth market is more complex than it appears. Jewellers need a multi-pronged strategy to capture this market segment




Abhishek Chanda, Director of Kalasha Fine Jewels, Hyderabad, discusses how jewellery design is evolving to resonate with the preferences of today’s youth

The design preferences of young customers have changed a lot. As jewellers, we must be observant of new trends that influence the choices of young customers and adapt to them. The new working class and students have a particular aesthetic. There is a growing inclination towards minimalistic designs among these clients. Clean lines, simple shapes, and aesthetics are preferred over intricate and elaborate designs. They give out the style statement for simplicity, versatility, and elegance. With the increase in gold rates, they are keenly exploring 14k and 18k jewellery as it is affordable and durable. These customers now want it minimal and less, or bold and loud and nothing in between.

” The youth want versatile and modular designs, expect personalisation and customisation and want minimal designs, or bold and loud and nothing in between. If we can catch up with the trend and understand the youth, nothing can stop us from selling to them “

Abhishek Chanda, Director, Kalasha Fine Jewels, Hyderabad

Millennials and Gen Z customers appreciate jewellers’ ability to personalise and customise their jewellery. They seek unique pieces that reflect their style and personality. That’s why we offer customisation options such as “make your ring”, where they can make their desired ring following three simple steps. They can choose the band of the ring from our wide range of options available; also the cut of the stone and size of the stone and make their ring.

We also see that many clients prefer versatility in their jewellery choices. They prefer pieces that can be easily styled and transitioned for various occasions. Especially the bridal jewellery that can be converted to smaller necklaces or pendants to be worn on occasions after the wedding. Jewellery that offers multiple ways of wearing or can be mixed and matched to create different looks is highly sought after. We have a range of gold, diamond and jadau products catering to this clientele. Necklaces can be worn as bracelets and pedants that can convert into a brooch or a hair accessory. We make sure that most of our bridal collections have such options, especially in chokers and long harams.


Storytelling and craftsmanship play a major role while selling to young clients. They are often drawn to jewellery that tells a story or showcases intricate craftsmanship. They appreciate jewellery with a rich heritage, cultural significance, or artisanal techniques. Every bridal piece has a story to tell, and we emphasise the craftsmanship process and share the stories behind our designs. We have started two special lounges for our exclusive collections to be displayed, i.e., Signature Bridal Lounge and Heritage Bridal Lounge. Here clients get to choose from our complete bridal range designed and inspired by our rich cultural heritage.

Revisiting the age-old designs is another trend seen in young brides now. They bring in their mom’s or grandmother’s jewellery and want to re-modify it without losing the charm of the original piece. We also offer redesigning service where the client can sit with our designer and create her dream necklace.

More interestingly, the young crowd has started showing interest in sustainable and ethical jewellery. That’s how the demand for lab-grown diamonds comes into the picture. Though it is not super popular, quite a few clients are asking for it. Maybe soon we will plan for a separate store to cater to the evolving needs of our customers.

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