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Candere’s Diwali campaign wins hearts with Pillai-Parashar’s ageless chemistry



Candere’s Diwali campaign wins hearts with Pillai-Parashar’s ageless chemistry

Love is intuitive. It doesn’t happen with a pre-decided checklist. Candere has just hit the bull’s eye with one of the most important and well-coordinated campaign that celebrates a relationship for what it is.

The #BaateintoHongiHi campaign features veteran VJ-turned-actor Suchitra Pillai and actor Amol Parashar, an on-screen couple who is seen in various other Candere commercials glorifying the Diwali offers of the brand. But what moves one is a scene showing Pillai and Parashar gossiping with their respective friends at the same apartment while celebrating Diwali.

As expected, each of their buddies try to preach the preacher by pointing out the age differences between the two. When their friends talk about the ‘gap’, they toy around with the idea, suggesting that the gap between the two groups of friends are a bit too much for that night. The guests egg on, charging if Pillai is living in a fantasy. She replies, “What’s wrong in living in a fantasy?” Another well-wisher quips that people will start gossiping, to which the couple exchange a look of trust.

Parashar approaches his lady and twists the negative narrative in his own witty fashion as he gifts a dazzling pair of gold earrings to her. His version is: “When the earrings look so good, people are bound to gossip!”

The commercial focuses on Diwali gifting, and very wittily pushes earrings as a great gift for soulmates. It’s safe to draw a parallel with a recent and popular commercial of the You are Gold campaign by WGC, in which the man gifts earrings to his woman as a memento of their love. The pattern indicates the rising demand of earrings as opposed to the conventional love bands or rings.

The Candere commercial is getting a lot of love online, with over 2K views on Instagram alone. Carrying out a new wave of identifying bonds, the commercial disregards toxic and retrogressive innuendos churned out by the society and bats for commitment and loyalty, the foundations of love essentially.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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