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PNG Sons’ Diwali video campaign glorifies true diamonds of the society



PNG Sons’ Diwali video campaign

We usually see product advertising as the core concept when it comes to Diwali or any other occasion as far as retail brand campaigns are concerned. However, the new digital campaign of PNG Sons focuses on people and not jewellery.  Titled ‘A Tale Of Human Diamond’, the campaign glorifies good Samaritans, the unsung heroes who help the underprivileged to make their festival joyful like others.

Speaking about the unique campaign, Aditya Modak, CFO, PNG Sons, said, “PNG Sons only deals in top-quality diamonds as we never compromise with the quality of the product. In the same manner, we wanted to get associated with the real diamond-hearted people. We are highlighting 5 true events and dramatizing them in the form of small stories, each of which has a common man helping a needy. People don’t have to become superheroes to be a diamond in the society, as selfless help at the right time is a real thing in itself.”

In one of the campaign videos, PNG Sons shows a man, who is perfect in planning, goes to buy a pantee (clay lamp) for Diwali to know that the potter is no more. The news impacts him such that he drops his plan to purchase a 55-inch LED TV for family and use the amount to sponsor the education of the potter’s children instead.

The campaign is launching on Diwali and will run for the next three months. After every 20 days, the brand will be promoting a new story. The unique thing about the video campaign is that majority of the videos convey its message through a musical background without commentary.

“There are two types of stakeholders in a business; internal and external. Each customer is an internal stakeholder, but the larger society forms the external stakeholders. Everybody in the society is also important to us. Brands normally concentrate their efforts ona particular class of customers through campaigns, but this campaignhopes to touch the hearts of the audience other than our customers,” said Modak. 

Written by Manoj Chakraborty

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