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BK Saraf Jewellers, Hunar collab gives choicest jewellery and clothing to Lucknow together



BK Saraf Jewellers, Hunar collab gives choicest jewellery and clothing to Lucknow together

BK Saraf Jewellers has taken an impressive initiative to give customers a cross -category choice through their collaboration with a designer clothing brand called ‘Hunar’. As per the collaboration, the jeweller has given a separate space of almost 1000 sq ft on the second floor of its existing 4-storied showroom in Lucknow to Hunar. The offering is relevant in today’s world as jewellery and fashion sit together in the minds of women who want to create the perfect ensemble for each occasion- small or big.

Speaking about the unique collaboration, Amol Bansal, Director, BK Saraf Jewellers, said, “We consider ourselves as a service industry. So, like every service industry, we keep thinking and finding out different ways to serve the customers to the best of our ability. For us, tying up with Hunar was a unique idea because our customers are getting the best of designer clothes at affordable pricing, while buying jewellery under the same roof.”

BK Saraf Jewellers

No one in Lucknow is doing the same, said Bansal, who maintains that the tie-up has bare minimum control over the operations of the partnering clothing brand. The jeweller is getting regular feedback from the customers and passes it on to the Hunar team regarding the stock quality, pricing, etc.

According to Amol Bansal, the customers are very happy and appreciate the value addition. “The customer understands that we are not involved with Hunar directly, so they know that we are not charging anything extra for that. They trust us and get a second look at what they can get out of the whole experience,” he added.

There were many brands to partner with when Bansal thought of it first. However, Hunar fit in the bill because of its luxury designer ranges which synced with the prospects of BK Saraf. The clothing line is based on occasion based designer wear because when the customers are visiting the jewellery store, they are not looking for daily wear. As a result, the walk-ins and conversions have increased for BK Saraf Jewellers and they have been able to add 20-25% new customers post-collaboration.

Written by Manoj Chakraborty

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