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Tanishq glorifies Tamil modern womanhood with talent-rich Pudhumai Penn campaign



Tanishq glorifies Tamil modern womanhood with talent-rich Pudhumai Penn campaign

Culture has a complex mechanism and the society needs to evolve its understanding to agree with the dynamism of culture. Take Tamil Nadu for instance, the state that gave Tanishq its first store at Cathedral Road, Chennai in 1996. Culture has survived the tide of changes in this Dravidian state and the Tamizh community has imbibed modernity in a way so as to give tradition its much-deserved space in life.

Offering its tribute to the rock-solid cultural fabric of the state, the chain store brand launched its Tamil campaign titled Pudhumai Penn, meaning the modern woman. Interestingly, the video commercial will change your perspective of what modernity means to the community.

Starring Tamil star Nayanthara, the video features several luminaries in the performing arts from the state. Strength, compassion, intellect and beauty are the core features a Tamizh woman identifies with, says Nayanthara, as we get to see Padmabhushan awardee Shanta Dhananjayan and dancer-entrepreneur Rukmini Vijayakumar share a platform for an Indian classical dance. Thereafter, we see Aishwarya Manivannan, a Silambam (Tamil weapon martial art) champion exhibiting her stance, all decked up in Tanishq’s jewellery.

The video also shows casual moments spent with family, where Nayanthara encourages an elderly to shake her leg to peppy tunes. Overcoming shyness and showing the real self is what matters to the Tamizh modern woman, who assists elders with their daily musing and take charge of the family’s future deftly.

The jewellery showcased are essentially traditional, with gold temple jewellery adorned by many actors in the video. The underlining purpose is to have the Tamizh women continue on their track of preserving traditional jewellery as they expand the scope of their modernity. Another interesting strategy inferred is the chain store brand’s attention towards regional traditional jewellery designs and their preservation by appealing millennials and Gen Z on the cultural angle. This accomplishes the objective of preserving the demand of traditional jewellery by glorifying regional cultural traits.

Written by Shubham Dasgupta

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