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Malik Jewellers revamps store to cater to tastes of younger customers 



Malik Jewellers revamps store to cater to tastes of younger customers

To modernize the in-store experience, the brand has re-imagined the display of its jewellery collections  

Chandigarh: Malik Jewellers, which had a single-floor 500 sq ft store in Chandigarh since 1972, has just relaunched it in a new avatar, aimed to appeal to the tastes of the brand’s younger customers. The new store incorporates another floor that brings the total store area to 2,000 sq ft and has an immersive display of the brand’s jewellery. The decision to redesign the store was made last year, and the revamp was completed in March 2024. 

Nitish Malik, Director, Malik Jewellers

Nitish Malik, Director, Malik Jewellers explained, “The old store was mainly frequented by our loyal and older customers who have been with the brand for years. But last year, we decided to redesign the space so that we could also meet the demands of young jewellery buyers who want a modern in-store experience and more space to comfortably browse the jewellery.” 


Previously, the store’s layout had limited visibility of its jewellery offerings, with only a select few collections prominently displayed while the majority were placed in boxes and kept on shelves, shown to customers only upon request. Recognizing that the touch-and-feel factor is important for consumers before they actually buy jewellery, the brand has brought in a more immersive display. The revamped store now showcases more jewellery pieces and collections, inviting customers to explore and interact with the products firsthand. The brand has also introduced new and contemporary collections for the new generation of jewellery shoppers. 

“For better accessibility to the floor above, we have an elevator as well as a staircase so that customers can choose how they move between the floors,” added Malik, highlighting the brand’s consideration for older customers who have trusted it since its inception. 

By increasing the accessibility of its products, the brand not only aims to target convenience for its patrons but also wants to foster a deeper connection between customers and the brand’s offerings. The jeweller believes that this approach can help invite more footfalls to the store and encourage engagement within the establishment.  

The store’s redesign project extends beyond mere aesthetics, with thoughtful segmentation of space to accommodate different product categories. On the ground floor, separate spaces are designated for different jewellery categories, facilitating easy navigation. Meanwhile, the newly introduced first floor serves as a dedicated area for bridal jewellery, in response to the surging demand in this segment. 

By changing how it displays its jewellery products to match what customers prefer, the brand aims to improve the in-store experience of customers. 

Written by Aparna Bhowmick

Retail Jeweller India Exclusive 

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