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Verma Jewellers ups staff morale while enhancing their skillsets during annual event in Solan



Verma Jewellers ups staff morale while enhancing their skillsets during annual event in Solan

The brand’s initiative was an effective way to highlight trust in its staff, who underwent a team-building orientation activity by a professional trainer  

Solan: In an industry where neck-and-neck competition is the norm, jewellery professionals must undergo constant training to imbibe the next best technique in sales and customer management, and function as part of a team to give their best. At its recent annual event, Verma Jewellers of Solan not only organized a team-building orientation activity led by a professional trainer, but also acknowledged past contributions by its team, upping the staff morale.  

The brand has been organizing this annual event for the last three years to appreciate its staff members. The latest event, held in March, had more than 130 staff members as participants. There was an elaborate entertainment line-up, which included musical performances, dance performances by the staff, and interactive games which kept attendees engaged and entertained.  


“The annual event is a testament to our commitment to fostering a positive and rewarding work environment, where teamwork and excellence are celebrated and recognized,” said Akshay Verma, MD, Verma Jewellers. Staff members were also recognized and awarded for their outstanding contributions throughout the year. 

This initiative was an effective way to highlight the brand’s trust in its staff, while the team-building activity focused on fostering collaboration and communication among the staff members. Through various group exercises and challenges, employees learnt to work together more effectively, taking a step towards strengthening team dynamics and improving productivity within the organization. 

By holding such training sessions regularly, Verma Jewellers has been enhancing staff skills, product knowledge and quality of customer service. These sessions are thoughtfully designed to keep employees updated with the latest industry trends and best practices while providing them motivation to keep up the good work. 

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