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Agrawal Jewellers Club by Bhopal-based Agrawal Jewellers aims to leverage and strengthen one of the most valuable elements of retail – customer loyalty.

The road to loyalty can be quite an experience, especially when it’s shopping for jewellery. While loyalty programs have been an integral part of the retail space, it’s only in the recent years that retail jewellery is catching up to the trend. That’s how Agrawal Jewellers (AJ) Club was formed. Shobhit Agrawal, director, Agrawal Jewellers explains, “Over the years, we have built a loyal consumer base and as part of consumer-recognition and benefit, we started the Agrawal Jewellers Club with lifetime membership.” The popularity of the loyalty program is evident from its 2500 membership even though there’s a nominal charge of Rs 1,000 for enrolment. “Freebies tend to lose value; only customers who are genuinely interested in the program will pay a membership charge and we wanted to find a way to encourage them to keep coming back to us,” Agrawal adds.

The program has been categorized into tiers, to begin with. Members begin with Gold for purchases till Rs 5 lakh, purchases between Rs 5,00,001 and Rs 15 lakh move on to become Platinum members and anything beyond Rs 15,00,001 is eligible for Diamond membership. “What makes our program unique is that the purchases aren’t limited to a particular timeline but can be made over a lifetime,” says Agrawal. Members of the AJ Club can also avail a host of privileges, including complimentary cleaning and maintenance of all jewellery, complimentary valuation of jewellery and complimentary repair of all types of jewellery except when additional gold and diamond is being used. These apart, there is free home delivery of any purchase and unlimited transfers between the store and ATM outlets for convenience and security. The more loyal the customers, the more benefits they receive – an AJ Club membership makes customers eligible for points worth Rs 10 for purchases of Rs 2000. Platinum members are eligible for points worth Rs 20 for purchases of Rs 2000 while Diamond members are upgraded to points worth Rs 30 for purchases of the same amount.

Agrawal is of the opinion that it’s important to move with the time and look at different ways to maintain customer interest in the brand. “There must be enough impetus for them to keep coming to the brand apart from just designs and quality,” he says. Increased footfalls, repeat visits and purchases, and brand loyalists are some of the most evident results of the AJ Club in Bhopal.

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